May 10, 2012


Yup. Like I thought, not much cooking this week. We are still basically living upstairs and can't really use our kitchen much, so cooking is pretty much nada. 

Ben did make some black bean burgers, but even that was using some frozen patties he bought from the market...
black bean burgersblack bean burgers
In a pinch, they worked. We were out of buns, so good 'ole whole wheat bread had to do, and we added some avocados and chipotles and we called it a dinner. With a side of broccoli. Balance is good. It was yummy, we were fed, and that's as fancy as we get this week.

Now throw in some panda express, frozen pizzas, and maybe sunflower butter sandwiches and those are what our other nights comprised of. We have about a week left of living like this (there have been some hold ups), but we are getting antsy over here and can't wait to get this home back in working order. Plus, this mama is ready to decorate!  Next week, will be another quick and easy dinner week for us, but I will put a meal plan here from one of our favorite weeks just in case some of you need ideas. 

Week 5/14 - 5/18
Monday: Dawn's Scampi
Wednesday: Spaghetti & Meatballs
Thursday: Leftovers
Friday: Pizza

When you can't cook in your kitchen, what's a quick and easy thing you put together?

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  1. Pizza is my go to guilt pleasure when the kitchen closes ;)

  2. Yum!!! Looks delicious

  3. Those look so tasty! xo, rv

  4. Chicken Salad is a huge save.
    Along with this recipe,

    Oven meals are also a life saver when we don't have a lot of time in the kitchen. Just find a short recipe that requires putting it all in the oven and you're saved instead of having to do this and that in a pan.

  5. Hi, Rubyellen, this is Cristina, from Spain. Quick and easy...chickpea salad! A can of chickpeas (drained), chopped tomato, green and red pepper, onion, and boiled eggs. Drizzle some wine vinegar and olive oil, and you are done...fresh and delicious in just 10-15 minutes. OH, and I wanted to share another recipe with you. Croquettes are a very spanish fingerfood that my brothers and I love since little kids, so I thought your girls would love them too. Give them a try when you can go back to your kitchen ;) You can read my grandma´s recipe for homemade croquettes in my blog

  6. It looks super delicious:) I usually make something with avocado for quick and easy meals. My favourite is mashed avocado on a slice of fresh bread and topped with a poached egg or sunny side up. So good:) Have a great Monday. Muah


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