May 3, 2012


glow and her pink chair
Six months.

glow and her pink chair
Seven months.

My littlest love. She is so good. I almost feel bad because she rarely cries, so she rarely gets carried. This littlest one is also kind of a string bean. She is really thinning out a lot and stretching. I think she will be the tallest one yet! She's got the army crawl down and it sounds like she says "mama", though I really think it is just murmurs that sound like it. At this rate, she will be speaking full sentences before Soul! And lately, for some reason, every time I put her in her pink chair, she cries. Maybe pink's just not her color.

See the rest of the series here.

*inspired by nicole from making it lovely



    You're starting a trend Ruby!
    Baby Chair series are now beginning everywhere!
    I love trying to tell where Glow gets her facial features from. She looks so much different than the other girls! Nevertheless, beautiful.

    1. i wouldn't say it was me, as i got the idea of from nicole of of making it lovely:

      can't take credit at all.

    2. Aw, thanks. I always love seeing your photos, too!

      Did you see that I just put up three years of the series with Eleanor? I'm so happy to have the photos, so I'm super happy when other people do the same thing. And it's not like I was the first person to ever come up with the idea of a monthly/weekly/whatever photograph anyway. ;)

  2. SO CUTE!!! I love all that hair! -melisa

  3. I get teary because I remember Soul at this time. I can't believe she's so big now! And so is Glow!!

  4. such a cutie. i love the chair too.

  5. Glow and the pink chair are both completely adorable, but baby wins! :) xo


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