May 3, 2012


the girlsthe girlsthe girls
I really like having a house full of girls. I think Ben likes it too. Though, the girls are far from puberty, but maybe when we're all PMS-ing at the same time in the future, it won't be so fun for him. My guess is he will declare a need for a man-cation and take off for a bit. Maybe. But then again, he needs us, so maybe he'll just stick out the mood swings and will serve us up some chocolate. Yes, chocolate is always good during those times. At least I think so. 

Funny thing is that people often ask Ben, "How is Ruby when she's on PMS?" and he will say he doesn't know because ever since we got married, I have either been pregnant or breastfeeding so Aunt Flo has pretty much been non-existant. We are settled on only four kids and Aunt Flo did make her appearance last month for the first time in a long while, so from here on out, Ben will probably have an answer to how I am during PMS-ing. By the way, an ex-boyfriend of mine always thought that stood for pissed off mood swings, which I think sums it up nicely. And based on last month's experience, Ben now knows that I get cranky. Bah-humbug! Ben has a long while until he's got a house full of scrooges, so for now we keep enjoying them in their joyful, kid-like state, except on the occasion they all start fighting, which is more often than not. 

Anyhow, I like to call Brave and True "The Bobbsey Twins" not sure what that means, but I remember the school custodian calling me and my best friend that when we were in grade school, so it seems appropriate now. I must mention that the straw bowler hat True and Brave are wearing is my fave. You'll never guessed where I picked those up... the 99 cents store! Best 99 cent store find ever. Hands down. Unless you have something better to share!

We've been busy over here with flooring finally coming in. We still have a long way to go until it's done, but it will be so pretty. Not only are we doing home renovating, but there will be some blog renovating as well. Please don't mind the little changes going on. It is all exciting stuff for us and we hope that you get excited too. I love being able to share in this space and I hope you love coming to visit too! We appreciate you friends! 

on me: dress, vintage. shoes, c/o blowfish shoes
on true: bowler hat, 99 cents store. dress, misha lulu. shoes, salt-waters.
on brave: bowler hat, 99 cents store. dress, vintage. shoes, salt-waters.
on soul: dress, vintage. jeggings, target. shoes, salt-waters. 
on glow: onesie, vintage. 



    1. thanks aryn! would love to find some of those books!!!

    2. i saw some reprints in the craft store a.c. moore recently

  2. i would love to have a house full of little girls. probably because i grew up in one. :) sisters only!

  3. The Bobbsey Twins were children in an old book series that had fun, creative adventures and were the best of friends.

    Your girls are sweet as can be.

  4. One of the cutest families ever! Your girls are adorable.

  5. those hats are so cute! I'll have to check the 99 cent store up here.

    Sometimes I feel bad for my hubby that he is outnumbered by girls, but I think he likes it :) But watch out when we all get cranky. I can only imagine what the teenage years will look like.

  6. I love those bowler hats and the vintage dress! How precious! I would like those outfits in grown up size thankyouverymuch!

  7. I have a stack of vintage bobbsey twins books! How fun!


    i thought for sure you'd know they were books! :) haha! the "big girls" look super cute! and glow is getting so so big!!!

    we miss you! all FIVE of you!

  9. You and your girls are so beautiful! I love the vintage dresses. My hubby is outnumbered by females too...even the dog is female. So I'm sure he will be feeling the same thing in a decade when the kiddos reach their teens.

    Vang :)

  10. Such a sweet series of photos! You seriously have one of the most glee-filled smiles I've ever seen! ~Deirdre

  11. they are adorable! i would love to have a house full of girls (probably because I never had a sister, boo!).... One day!
    xox dana

  12. I love those girls of yours! AND WE'RE SHOE TWINS AGAIN!!! I just got my pair in today and they're so comfortable Ruby and I walked to school to get S and back. Can't be cute AND no blisters!

    Great photo of you girls!

    1. omg! aren't they so comfy?!! i love them too!!!!

  13. I used to read the Bobbsey Twins books when I was little! Those little hats are darling, I'd love to find some for my little girls!

  14. That's so funny when I'm pms-ing I always tell my husband "Aunt Flow is town." All of you girls are so cute!

  15. Obviously everyone has told you who the Bobbsey twins are... but you seriously need to get yourself some of those books.
    Do you read aloud at all to your girls for school? These would be perfect for a little outloud reading! Such cute stories!
    And I'm sure you've said it somewhere on your blog and I have just missed it... but what curriculum do you use? Gearing up for homeschooling next year!

  16. My mom used to read us a chapter of the Bobbsey twins every night before we went to bed. We loved them! I'm 7 years older then my youngest sister (there were 4 of us too) but I remember everyone listening and enjoying them.

    1. i may need to get them and do that too! i have a feeling the girls would love that!!!

  17. Umm, do people ask your husband that often?
    Cause that's kind of crazy.
    I do agree with you about the mood swings though.
    My 4th just turned 11 months and I had my first period in quite a while.
    I always have 1 or 2 and then get pregnant again.
    I hate my period and subsequent mood swings so much, being pregnant again almost sounds good.
    What am I saying??
    Anyway, another book series your girls might like is the Happy Hollisters.
    We just discovered them and my 8 and 6 year old love them.
    They're a series from the 50s and are full of fun adventures, mysteries to solve and wholesome good times between brothers and sisters.
    You can find them, and the Bobseys at used book sales and thrift stores pretty easily.
    Happy reading!
    Love from,


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