May 15, 2012


out to schoolout to school
{shirt: gifted from karen; skirt: little bean; shoes: livie and luca; backpack: made by mom.}

We got about three weeks left of school. We'll continue homeschooling through the summer because does learning ever really stop? Nope. Next year when True's goes to her one day a week enrichment classes she'll be taking Brave along with her. I think that will be fun for them and for me because 2 kids at home is so much easier than 4! Can you believe Summer is almost here?

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  1. wow, you are really such a gifted artist (in addition to everything else)! those bunnies are amazing! i have enjoyed reading your blog since it was just true & brave (haven't commented yet, though), and so appreciate your honesty and humility--along with all the lovely, beautiful posts. it is really refreshing to see such a beautiful blogger admit, "i am not perfect, life is messy." thanks so much for sharing your lovely life with us!

  2. I may have to contact you through email so you can give me some tips in homeschooling.
    BTW... My daughter's name is Faith. and we call her Foo Foo. ^_^ now you can guess what is her favourite rhyme. :)

    I cant wait to see what you do as "graduation" this year for True, if you are planning on something.

  3. I agree, you are most definitely an artist! And I adore the stripes + floral combination in True's outfit. She's got the best sense of style!

  4. true is the cutest ever. also, those bunnies? so perfect. you're so talented.

  5. Love the little illustrations, you are oh-so talented!

  6. The print on her skirt is adorable!

  7. Ruby Ellen,
    If you ever want to share your homeschool strategies, lessons, etc...I'm all ears! ~Deirdre
    -Also your wee bunny is pretty adorable.

  8. and thank you everyone, drawing was always my favorite medium!

  9. oh my, this is the cutest little photo/illustration i have seen in a very long time! i love it. and love all your stories and pictures as a mommy of four. we have four children as well, and are just beginning a big renovation on our home, so we will soon be confined to eating upstairs as well! good times :)

  10. Love it! I can't believe Brave will be there with her next year! Each time I think of her, I think of her being in your orange sling at the park by your house :) Time goes by way too quickly!

  11. these are adorable! i love the artwork you added to the photos.


  12. can you share which curriculums you have chosen? we are getting ready to gear up for it the next year and would LOVE to hear what has been a help to your family :) thanks, melanie


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