May 14, 2012


mommy day 2012mommy day 2012mommy day 2012mommy day 2012
mommy day 2012
After breakfast in bed, the rest of the day was spent taking care of flooring stuff. It wasn't how we had originally planned to spend Mother's Day, but we went with it. The day before, I did get the vintage porch swing I have been eyeing (just gotta get it up now), so there really isn't much to complain about. Plus, we were able to go out to have dinner with my mom (and dad and baby sister) at our favorite chinese restaurant. All in all, it was a day spent with my favorite people, so this mama is especially happy!

on me: top, c/o modcloth. jeans, urban outfitters. shoes, anthropologie (last summer). necklace: homako. I don't like that longer in the back shirt or dress trend going on, so I sewed my top to all be one length.
on true: shirt: vintage. jumper: misha lulu. clogs: c/o lotta for stockholmn. LOVE kid clogs!
on brave: dress: little bean. shorts: misha lulu. shoes: salt-waters.
on soul: shirt: vintage. skirt: misha lulu. shoes: salt-waters.
on glow: shirt and shorts: misha lulu.


  1. my daughter is craving some kid clogs...have to check out lotta. such a sweet family you've got!

  2. you guys are the cutest family! love these photos!

  3. the family picture is fabulous! so proud of mamas who exhibit such joy and enthusiasm in their calling!! happy mother's day!

  4. Your family is so cute, and your mom is beautiful!

  5. love the family pictures! you kids are getting so big and beautiful!

  6. ruby! do i spy the bank next to phoenix? is that where you guys went to eat? i totally took my mama there for mother's day too! miss you!

    1. yes! thanks to you this is our fave chinese restaurant! miss you too! will be at my mom's this weekend.

  7. Your family is too cute! Happy Mother's Day :)


  8. love the pics!!! beautiful!

  9. I like your 'I'm their mother'
    it has pride in it
    it has some degree of unbelievability (if this word exists...:))
    it wants to show off ;)
    and it also takes blame of their actions
    it's you, Rubyellen, you are her and she is you.

    I am so looking forward to being a mommy. Only God knows when.. :)

  10. Everybody looks great and SO happy!! I especially love that all the little ladies are wearing some form of stripes, way to go Mama!!
    P.S LOVE your small corner of the world :)

  11. You have such a beautiful family. What lucky girls!

  12. So sweet! Love the portrait of multi-generational love!

  13. Love these photos- the family jump one is amazing. x

  14. Si j'étais une famille, je voudrais être la vôtre. Vous êtes superbes !

    Et ce blog est d'une fraîcheur... Bravo !

    Léa (France)

  15. you are a beautiful family! I hope one day to be blessed with as many beautiful babies as you!

  16. I love love loooove this pics!
    You're such an amazing mum, Ruby!

    And you're doing a GREAT job!

    All the love from Germany


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