May 11, 2012


hey! crocs!
Yes, we are a vintage lovin', handmade supportin', own clothes makin' family, but we also still like crocs. We are so normal. Or abnormal if you abhor those rubbery things. She styled herself. I think she rocks crocs! 

This week's learned and links...

We're making memories living upstairs, but it's getting kind of old now. I can't wait to be back to normal. one. more. week. hopefully.

Glow's got two bottom teeth coming in. The other 3 girls got their first tooth after they turned one, this one is making herself stand out (and her mama hurt).

I want one of these banners asap.

We are in love with Karmin. They are so cute that they are engaged and love that they rap with pretty safe lyrics. They are so talented and that Amy makes me want to rap. Ben says I just sound like an ewok when I try. We spend our mornings watching their videos on youtube. In fact, Brave has been rocking her hair of late. 

True's giant bow is from Much love, Illy. So girly!

These are pretty. Shoes are my weakness.

This weekend is Mother's Day and I have a few requests, but they are mostly simple things that have to do with house stuff. Of course, I am also anticipating the traditional breakfast in bed. I ain't gonna lie... I love Mother's Day!!! 

We have a few giveaways this weekend to celebrate Mother's Day, so check back...


  1. we love crocs too! :)
    Just recently found your blog and I love it! ... like checked back for new post several times! :) Happy mothers day!

  2. She looks so happy with her cute!! My girls wear crocs too they're easy to put on and comfortable.

  3. Wishing you a wonderful mothers day weekend.


  4. My little boy has 7 teeth he got them all in his 8th and 9th months. I'm blessed to say the only side effect was him waking up at 9am instead of 11am :) thank you Lord!

  5. I really enjoy your blog! You mentioned loving Karmin. One of my best friends and her husband put out an awesome "mom edition" of one of Karmin's songs this week. Thought you might like:)

  6. happy mother's day ruby! i am sure that ben and the girls will spoil you!

    ps. love those sandals :)


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