May 17, 2012


glow and her pink chair
eight months.

By golly, she's cute! I'm biased of course. I am her mother. She sounds like she says, "Mama" but I doubt it. She is finally getting rice cereal. I know. Don't judge. She's my last one and I didn't want her poop to change. She has the softest skin and we like to do skin to skin. Then the other girls want to get in on it and you have all of us girls cuddling Glow skin to skin. It's sweet, really. Nine months is right around the corner...

See 6 and 7 months here, and 5 down to 1 here.

*inspired by nicole from making it lovely


  1. You killed me with the rice cereal and poo reason. Hahahahahaha...
    I know what you mean though... my youngest is 13 months and i still feel like i was just in the living room, screaming my heart out as i pushed out into this world. Time goes by quickly. :/

  2. I never gave any of my 3 babies rice cereal, and I don't plan on giving #4 (9 weeks old) any either. It's not a necessity, and I just move along to veggies and fruits first.

    Love your blog. I'm a long-time lurker. :)

  3. she is getting so big - and she is so adorable!

  4. such a cutie. she's getting so big.

  5. What a great picture and of course, she is adorable! -Jenny

  6. I can SO relate! I was unsuccessful nursing my first daughter so now that I'm two months in with my second and nursing is going so well I feel like I want to keep going as long as I can! And I definitely don't look forward to the poo change either! >_<

  7. what a cutie! and what a sweet little memory- all your girls cuddeling and loving each other. so beautiful!!! i love it!

  8. Gorgeous photos, and it is a really clever idea to do this every months, I didn't think of doing things like that with my daughter and now I can't remember how teeny she really was.



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