March 22, 2012


One of the best things about meal planning is that we are all spending so much time together and eating and talking in the evenings. I really enjoy our dinnertimes!

Monday, we ate Spaghetti and Meatballs...
family meals
I actually kinda winged this meal. I am getting slightly more adventurous dabbling here and there. I looked up a few different meatball recipes and once I figured out the gist, I did it myself. I used the bread crumbs we had from this recipe with finely chopped garlic, onions, and parsley, along with one egg and about a quarter cup of parmesan, and mixed it together with a fork. Then, rolled them up into balls and lightly pan fried them and they came out really yum! I don't typically like meatballs, but these ones I liked. And topped on whole wheat spaghetti is just perfect.

To celebrate The Great Meatout on Tuesday, we had Simple Tomato Soup and Garlicky Spinach...
family meals
family meals
Soul and Brave pretty much gobbled this up really fast. I put the soup on top of brown rice and white beans and it was a good combo. Plus, add that dollop of coconut milk (I used reduce fat) and the flavors were really good. My change in the recipe is to use half the olive oil and reduce fat coconut milk and it feels much better to eat. The spinach dish was loved so much that I made it twice this week.

family meals
This was my favorite dish of the week. I used this focaccia bread recipe for the dough and I didn't use heavy cream, but non-fat milk mixed with two tbsp of flour to thicken it up. I think the cream came out pretty good despite the omission of fat. Also, we couldn't find nettles, so we used arugula, which is the suggested substitute. We have enough leftover, so just thinking about it is making me excited about eating it for lunch tomorrow.

Another winning week for family meals. Ben loves it, the girls love it, then that's good enough for me.

Week 3/26 - 3/40
Wednesday: Handroll Sushi
Thursday: Leftovers
Friday: Pizza

What's the yummiest thing you ate this week?


  1. that pizza looks really yummy (:

  2. I have been out traveling this week, getting some really strange meals.

    So coming home and cooking yesterday evening, made this the best meal of the week - even though it was just a simple dish.

    I like following your meal plans - i make one every second week.

  3. ooh im definitely trying the spinach!!

  4. All of this looks super yummy and the spaghetti with meatballs! YUM!

    xoxo, Jjanga

  5. Probably a Greek chicken salad was the yummiest, but it wasn't homemade so I'm inspired now to remake my own at home! :)

  6. ooo that tomato soup sounds really good! especially with the beans! i'm going to try that this week!

  7. Ooh that soup sounds yummy! any soup with tomatoes are big hit with our kiddos too! I really slacked with meal planning this week and the kids and I had veggie chicken nuggets and fruit salad several nights when Dh worked late, oh well! We did have some yummy fresh ravioli with parmesan and a greek salad last night.

  8. We had chicken-quinoa-butternut squash's amazing :)


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