February 4, 2012


dear sister
dear sisterDSC_0035
Dear sister,

Today, you are getting married. Enjoy it. Don't worry about that extra fluff that makes weddings look pretty. That is what it really is, just fluff. Those things don't make a marriage. I have seen God's grace and goodness in your life as I think about where God has brought you. You are here not because of anything you have done, but only because of what God has done. Don't find your joy in finally being married because if you do, you will be greatly disappointed. Don't find your joy in Christian, because if you do, you will also be greatly disappointed. Marriage is fun, but it is also hard. Be prepared to work. Don't rely on feelings because feelings will fluctuate and you won't always feel like loving your husband. Love God. Above all else, always love God. Trust God. Enjoy God. Your life won't be better now because you are married. Your life will only be better if you love God more each day. Loving God will make marriage even more wonderful. God is the key.

I love you sister. Happy wedding day!

Your big sister


  1. Beautiful words. I'll take them to heart.

    Happy Wedding Day Reinna

  2. How darling. I love your matching shoes. You three are so adorable. Congrats sister! xo, rv


  3. this is so sweet! sisters are just always the best! enjoy the day!

  4. Your words are so touching and beautiful! Also, your sister is so blessed to have a wonderful loving sister. Have a great day!

    Ping from Thailand

  5. supercute!! congrats to your sister :]

    love the line, "don't find your joy in finally being married..."

  6. you guys look so beautiful! congrats to your sister shes lucky to have a sweet sister like you.
    are you by any chance fillipino? you look so much like my aunts

  7. beautiful words and such truth. congratulations to your sister on God's grace in marriage!

  8. Beautiful.

    Happy wedding day, dear Rubyellen's sister! :)

  9. THIS IS SOOOO TRUE! I have been married almost four years now to an amazing man. God has blessed me so much with him...BUT...He is not enough. GOD IS! We can never expect our husbands to fill what GOD can. It just isn't fair to them. Thanks for the reminder.

  10. :) This is the sweetest letter I've ever read! It's so true and I hope only the best for your sister's wedding and marriage!

    xoxo, Jjanga

  11. gorgeous words. congratulations to your beautiful sister!

  12. such a great reminder for every married or soon to be married woman. congratulations to your sister and to your family for it's newest member :)


  13. wise words! and you all have great style ;)

  14. aw, got teary-eyed reading this letter. i have sisters myself (3 of them) - they are just so special. happy wedding day to your sis.

  15. This post was absolutely beautiful! Its like a fresh breath of air to read things like this from sister to sister. :) Congrats to you all! God bless!

  16. What a wise bigsister you are.
    Last Sunday we sang, "In Christ the solid rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand," and it hit my heart so hard.
    I have stood on so many other people and things, but Christ is the only one that won't fail.
    Yes, including my marriage and my husband.
    And when that happens, if I am not standing in Christ, I will fall with them.
    But with Christ, I can stand even in the hardest times.
    I hope it was a wonderful day.
    Love from,

  17. This is beautiful, and spot-on. Blessings to your sister! Xo, Katie

  18. AMEN!!!!!!!!

    You should give this letter to EVERY SINGLE WOMAN GETTING MARRIED!

    I got married not knowing this.....that LOVE IS A CHOICE.

    Marriage IS hard.
    Hardest t hing I have ever done.
    And what I am most proud of.
    The dress, cake, pictures...FLUFF. Perfect word.

    I will say a prayer for your sister today...
    this is no small step
    and the only way a marriage can last is if it is a faith filled marriage, with eyes and hearts and minds focused only on God.

    I wish someone had written this letter to me 15 years ago....

  19. such a lovely post and wise loving words. Your matching shoes are beautiful also

    Nicolette xo

  20. Couldn't agree more with what you said. So often the world tells us otherwise. That was such a lovely letter! I have two sisters and am the oldest too :)

  21. so true and so beautifully put. I hope you all had a lovely day x

  22. beautiful... and relevant to all us married folk.
    God first... spouse next.

  23. how sweet!
    and those shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! anthro?

  24. Ruby you really have a lot of wisdom! thanks for reminding me what it is all about!

  25. blue seychelles!!! ack! too cute!

  26. this is beautiful and well said. and the photos are stunning ;)

  27. That is beautifully said. I give a bid AMEN to it!! :D


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