February 3, 2012


at the flower martat the flower martat the flower martat the flower mart
at the flower martat the flower martat the flower mart
The past two days have been filled with lots of flowers. We went to the L.A. flower mart to pick up a whole bunch for my sister's wedding and I spent most of today putting things together with my mama by my side. I remember when I used to come more frequently to the flower mart to do florals for weddings. I really enjoyed it back then and my mom and I used to work wee into the night preparing. Those were good times with my mom. She is such a trooper.

I worked at a flower shop all through high school and a bit during college, as well as an arranging course, so working with my flowers is one of my favorite things. I still know the names to most of the flowers and I really miss it, but I do think doing weddings are much more stressful now with four kids. It would be so lovely to be able to do things like Chelsea of Frolic. She makes the loveliest arrangements. I so would love to be her assistant!

All I have left to do for my sister's wedding is bake a strawberry shortcake, make her bouquet and hair wreath, and write my MOH toast. Can't believe it, but we have one day left! Saturday will be here before you know it.

What I'm wearing... shirt, vintage via gisela & zoe vintage. belt, thrifted. pants, f21. shoes c/o modcloth. bag, hansel from basel (gifted from baby sis).


  1. Hi!

    The flowers are so beutiful. Nice shoes!

    Hugs from a cold Sweden

  2. These are amazing photos of such beautiful flowers! Congratulations! Hope it's just wonderful!
    PS. I've added your lovely blog to my blogroll which I've just popped onto my blog! :)

  3. What fun! I live going to the LA flower mart. They have a wonderful selection.

    Praying God may give you and your family peace in the last moments of preparing for the wedding.

  4. Ah... Always when I go to flower store, I want to stay there!! :) And you know the names to most of the flowers, ha?! Wow! I envy you. A little bit. :/

    Beautiful photos!!!
    And I love those shoes!!!
    And I love your sister's scarf (Is that a scarf she's wearing?)!!!

    Beautiful family. :)

  5. Ohh, I love flower shops!! I can't breath in too deeply being allergic to some pollen but still beautiful!!

    I am so sad that Auckland doesn't have a flower market, I am a bridesmaid and am helping with flowers, I am very excited!! :)

    Ngaio May xx

  6. Beautiful flowers. I lived in LA for a year and I regret that I never went to the flower mart. It's on my list of things to do when we visit again. Love the shoes!

  7. Oh and I couldn't help but notice the newspaper around your flowers was the Korean news! :) Is the store owned by Koreans?

  8. ditto on the flowers and the shoes!!! Lovely blog :^)

  9. can't believe this is really happening!!

  10. LOVE your shoes!

    i see korean newspaper print. haha!

    have fun at the wedding! can't wait to hear about it!!! sad that alex and i won't be able to be there for reinna's big day!

    but we can finally play after!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I used to go the LA flower mart....but my shoes were not nearly as cute as yours

    this might be the first time I have missed LA since I moved a year and a half ago...

    beautiful memories in such glorious color!

  12. you 3 are gorgeous! those teal shoes are very cute!

  13. I can hardly handle the loveliness that is those SHOES.

    Oh my my.

  14. your shoes are AMAZING!!
    what a beautiful flower mart to explore in your perfect shoes ;)
    and have a beautiful time at your sister's wedding!

  15. I like your green shoes!!! And the photo of tulips is very beautiful!!

  16. You have got to have the cutest flat shoes in the freaking world!! I have been wandering through past posts and they are all crazy cute!

  17. cute shoes, they make the outfit so much more chic!

  18. gorgeous!! I would be in heaven. hose shoes are to die for!

  19. i love your shoes!
    and these are beautiful pictures.

  20. Your pics are great! Love, love, love the use of color in your wardrobe! And of course love the flowers!!

  21. so sweet that you use to work in a flower shop!

    your mama is so beautiful and so young!

    oh, and of course i LOVE the shoes!

  22. I am absolutely in love with your shoes and all of the bright colorful flowers. They add so much (and so much better than the typical white roses). I would love to see more wedding photos! Cheers!


  23. fabulous shoes! You are all so pretty!

  24. You are such a cutie! Love those shoes.


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