August 17, 2011

little vintage style

babycakies shower
My little girls are over at Hart & Sew today. To find out a little bit more about their sweet clothes or hear me gush more about loving vintage, check it out here.

I am kinda slow on the posting this week as I have been busy prepping everything to start school next week. Yikes! So nervous! I will officially have a kindergartener, who I will be responsible in teaching because I am homeschooling. There will be a whole new learning curve for this next couple months, especially once little babycakies arrives.

Oh and I am glad you all loved the pictures of the baby shower because I am in love with it all too! I love looking at the pictures and watching the video to relive the fun I had all over again. I feel so blessed!

p.s. danni's baby shower recap here.

*photo courtesy of John Lauren.


  1. Your girls are so adorable :D I love how they enjoy wearing vintage! What a great thing to instill in them from an early age.

  2. I have a kindergartner also , wow time sure flies by... I thought of you today when I was putting layettes together for infant born with addictions , I always think of the mommy who owned the pieces I buy and you came to mind. Your girls are lovely and their names so suit them especially little Brave who always has that look on her face. xoxox enjoy the last lil bit of being a hostess to the tiny one !

  3. Your girls are just adorable! I love reading your blog and seeing your vintage finds! I am usually not that lucky when it comes to shopping local.

  4. i want to be as stylish as your daughters ;) good luck with home schooling! we are starting a little bit this fall as well with our 4 year old. just to get a routine going for kindergarten.

  5. So cute! I cannot wait to meet the new babycakies...looks like the new babe has a fantastic shower. You looked radiant!

  6. adorable! i wonder if you will have another girl!!

  7. Your girls always look so completely adorable in their vintage gear.I love checking out their sweet style.

  8. so sweet! can't wait to find out if you will have another sweet little girl to dress in vintage or a sweet little boy to outfit in little boy vintage!

  9. soooooo cute little vintage dolls!

  10. I'm starting my 7th year of homeschooling this year. My suggestion, TAKE IT SLOW, and don't take on too much...when the baby comes, take it easy, just reading to a kindergartener having her practice letters and numbers and doing art together is all a kindergartener would do a "regular" school.

    (I have a 12, 9, 6, and ONE year old, so I have juggled a lot of ages over the years.) Routines are good, but one of the reasons you are homeschooling is for the flexibility. Don't be too hard on yourself. Do what you can and what you feel like God is calling you to do, but don't overdo it!

    Just a little advice from a long time homeschooling mom of four :D


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