August 1, 2011

banana bread

We had a bunch of really old bananas, I mean like so old that the banana only came out of the peel squeezed like a tube of toothpaste. That kind of old. Of course, that means they were perfect for making banana bread! The girls were all about that. We used this recipe (from smitten kitchen) and I say this is definitely a keeper, but you can't really go wrong with something from smitten kitchen. It was so scrumdiddlydumptious!
fresh baked banana breadfresh baked banana breadfresh baked banana breadfresh baked banana breadfresh baked banana breadfresh baked banana bread
True's allergic to nuts (not deathly allergic), so only one side had nuts sprinkled on top for Brave and me. We are already hoping another batch of bananas go bad because this recipe is so quick and yummy that we really need to make it again.

Now, I am off to finish making my ice cream sandwich. I just baked some fresh peanut butter cookies, and I am going to go downstairs to stick some ice cream in the middle, put it in the freezer, wait a bit (10 minutes), and then go and devour it. Sometimes, it is kinda nice being pregnant and needing a bit more calories!

Thanks for the new shop love friends and Ben is currently working on his part of the story, so that may be ready for you tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed...


  1. hey! I totally made banana bread today! Only my had chocolate chips!.....I tell ya that pregnancy excuse is the best :)

  2. I only recently discovered the brown-banana-rescuing properties of banana bread and now I'm addicted! Must buy bananas...and let them go mushy...

    I convince myself that is healthy, of course :)

  3. Yum! I adore anything banana! Will definitely try this recipe! x

  4. oooh, i LOVE banana bread! and i REALLY love mine with walnuts, though hubs does not, but i still add them anyways!

  5. I looked at my bunch of bananas going bad this morning and said to myself' I need to find a fabulous banana bread recipe! I will have to try this one out.

  6. Thanks - I'm always up for a new banana bread recipe. I was wondering if the sprinkled nuts on only half was an "artsy" thing until I read that True is allergic. Katie eats the nuts out of the bread first before she eats the bread itself!

  7. Bananas on the brain . . . I just posted my stab at a recipe for banana bread muffins that's the simplest in the world - and they were delicious!
    Yay for morning sweets!


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