August 1, 2011

arrow hwy: a vintage shop

Come by and visit Arrow Hwy, a little collection of vintage pretties curated by yours truly...
arrow hwy
What does the name Arrow Hwy. mean? I first fell in love with vintage when I was in high school and my mom and I came across this vintage shop on Arrow Hwy. I loved all the furniture and the uniqueness of each piece. I particularly fell in love with a vanity set that I bugged and begged my mom to get me until she finally did. Funny thing is when she bought it and put it in my room, I didn't sleep in my room for awhile cause I was a little afraid of "someone" coming along with. Eventually, I got over that fear and started sleeping in my room again and my collection of vintage (from furniture to clothes) has grown exponentially since then.

I am glad I finally bit the bullet and did it. I have been saying I was going to do it for awhile now, but kind of chicken (and maybe secretly wanting to keep everything). I have a few more shoes to put in, some pretty dresses, and a lot of vintage for men (stuff from Ben's own collection, I told you once he has been collecting vintage from way back when), but it will all be coming in slowly. My goal is to put in a couple things a week, so I hope you enjoy for now!

Take a wander through Arrow Hwy...

last day to win this and this!


  1. oOOH! I love the coin purse! so fun!

  2. hooray!!! it's up and running! :) you are pretty freakin amazing with everything you do... i don't know how you do it all! :) btw, LOVE the name (and the back story- haha!)

    see you tomorrow!

  3. Congrats on your new shop!

    I have been collecting vintage since high school too, back then you could really find good stuff, it's a lot more of a hunt now. I really wish that I had kept it all over the years, but still have a pretty good little stash that has been growing lately. I've been thinking of a vintage shop too, but your right, parting with it is a hard thing to do!

  4. so excited for you! let the thrifting palydates begin!!


  5. yay!! I love your new shop! I'm in love with the red sandals (too small for me:(). I sometimes wonder if I have any stylish lady ghosts in my house, mad at me for selling their dresses, hope not...

  6. oh what a lovely lovely shop!

    those tan cut out heels are calling my name!

  7. What a wonderful collection. I love all the beautiful shoes! x

  8. Congratulations on your new shop!! I'm eyeing the red-orange wedges.


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