June 7, 2011

vintage here, vintage there: in our yard

vh, vt
Thank you friends for all your support regarding my last post. I knew you all would be so encouraging and I so am thankful for every one of you! I am not ignorant that if you put something online, it will get copied, used, give someone inspiration and so on, but I think linking back and giving credit where it is due is always nice. With that, thank you. Also, I now know I need to work on a "cease and desist" letter, which Danni has been telling me to do for like ever, but oh to find the time! I have to work on finding some of that too! From the bottom of my heart, thank you friends...

Onto regular, fun, happy topics... I totally failed at "vintage here, vintage there" last week, but Rachel was on point with her cute outfits! Did you see them? If you didn't, see it here. And her new blog layout looks just as spectacular, but really, would you expect anything less from Mrs. Denbow? I didn't think so. This week we made sure to get dressed in some vintage wears and we were running out ideas of where to take pictures, but well... welcome to our uncut grassy backyard!
vintage here, vintage therevintage here, vintage there
The last couple weeks True has really been stepping it up in the big sister department. She has really grown so much. I have seen a whole new depth of maturity come out of her and it is quite amazing. I am really eager to see how the three girls will react when babycakies comes out. Soulie is such a baby now, but she won't be in three months. It really is crazy to think that I am going to have another. It never fails to astound me. I will definitely need a lot more of God's grace.
vintage here, vintage therevintage here, vintage therevintage here, vintage there
Soulie is our little observer and copycat. Her eyes are always fixed onto her older sisters and what they are doing and she will make sure that she is right there in the midst of the action too. She doesn't talk, but she understands a whole lot. p.s. forgive her wrinkled dress as these were taken after sitting in a car for an hour.

Our Bravey has her own little beat that she goes to. She is a little sister and big sister all rolled into one. She is nothing but sugar!
vintage here, vintage there
True and Brave pretty much know what they like to wear these days. We even have fights sometimes about what they will wear because what I think they should wear, isn't always what they think they should wear. Oh boy! I can't wait until we hit the teenage years! I wonder what that will look like...
vintage here, vintage there
As for what I like wearing these days, it is still maxi skirts. I put on this (the blue one) vintage dress first, I felt too frumpy, then I put on this vintage dress and it was much too tight, so I put on a trusty long maxi skirt and tank and all was well again. The morning was a bit cool, so I threw on an old denim jacket I had. I was ready to head out the door after 3 different outfit changes. What can I say?! I am pregnant. Actually, that many outfit changes would happen even if I weren't. This drives Ben nuts!
vintage here, vintage there
vintage here, vintage there
on me: tank, forever 21. denim jacket, urban outfitters (10 years ago), skirt, thrifted. shoes, seychelles. wedding bands, one is vintage from here and the other two are these twig rings from here (bought when my rings didn't fit when I was pregnant with Soul and had chubby wubby fingers).
on true: dress, vintage. sweater, vintage. sandals, sodas (gifted from a friend).
on brave: dress, misha lulu.
on soul: dress, vintage. pinafore, vintage. shoes, vintage. knit bow, made by me.

Funny story... I was about to load my pictures from my memory card into my imac when I accidentally put it in the wrong slot and it went into the CD slot instead. Man oh man. I panicked and tried to get it out, only to push it in even more. I thought to myself, "What a dingbat!" But then I googled it and found out it is a common problem and found this discussion to be helpful and I indeed did get it out. So if you are ever a dingbat like me (though it is partially Apple's fault for putting both slots so close together), read this forum and it will help you.

If I had a waistline, I would wear: peasant floral, peasant rose, lemon chiffon, black eyed susan, and floral maxi.

I want these for my little ones: july 4th, stripes, overalls, sundress, bandana skirt, peaches and cream (and Ms. Tips is having a special 40% off children's sale until tomorrow 11cst).

Head "over there" and see what the Denbow's are up to! Have you heard? They have a new member of the family and her name is Sunday!!! My dingbatty self is now off to pay bills and patiently wait for my hubs to come home from work! Another day tomorrow, which means another chance to attempt to live it well (with God's help).


  1. You all are to cute! :) you are going to be a great mom of 4 and you always have god as your saving grace when you need it, as every mother does from time to time.

  2. I love this style! I would love to wear maxi dresses and different styles, but I'm scared it doesn't fit. I'm average size (5.5f), so it feels like I'm too short for the dresses.

  3. hey Ruby, thank you for mixing Misha with the vintage stuff....anyways it is retro inspired after all!!!!
    love you guys! Your style is the best!!!

  4. I love your pregnant style! I also love hearing more about the girls' personalities. It must be difficult knowing how much to share about your family online, but it's such a treat for your loyal readers!

    Speaking of which, I was really annoyed when I read about all those people stealing your photos for their own websites! I mean seriously, if you are selling something on Etsy, wouldn't you want to take a picture of your own actual product? Urgh! Sadly, it makes us all a little more suspicious about the whole site, and it really just goes against the spirit of it all. Best of luck with your "cease and desist" letter! Keep it clean ;)

  5. so cute! my daughter is three & has really strong opinions about her outfits too. we fight about it, but I love her spirit!

  6. you look so cute!!!

  7. ok, so i busted out laughing when i saw the pic of true squeezing little soulie, her face is so freaking cute!!!! and you look awesome in the red skirt and denim jacket!!!

  8. you look so cute in that outfit! I cant wait to find out what kind of bun is cooking in the oven, jaja!

  9. My husband and I have been talking about babies and your posts filled with those little faces really make a baby seem like the best idea ever...

  10. dude.... you're wearing the "outfit completers" again! I NEED TO FIND MYSELF A PAIR. ARGH!

  11. i always look forward to your VHVT posts, your girls are the cutest and best dressed set of sisters on the west coast! :)

    i made your a-frame tent a few days ago for an upcoming birthday party! we got our tie-dye on and it was a lot of fun. thank you for providing such a useful tutorial.


  12. love the photos! and you look so happy and glowing!

    pia and brave have the same dress!

  13. You look beautiful! You should be very proud of yourself, I can't wait (but am also nervous!) to see what Aura will behave like when she's the age of your girls!

  14. I love that bow in Soul's hair! Did you make it?

  15. tang- yes, i did! i have more to list in my shop, but never find time!

    jessicajane- heard you were making macarons tomorrow!!! ahh!!! i want some!!!!

    misha lulu- um. you know we love your stuff!!!!

    kim rake- oh my! your tent making sounds soooo fun! tie dye?!! amazing!!!!

    beautiful aura- at this age, they are crazy, but still fun! pray for lots of grace and sanity!!!

  16. I've gotta get one of those bows!!! I've been meaning to. I just keep forgetting.


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