November 28, 2010

vintage here, vintage there: week three, part two

vintage here, vintage there
Last week was a blur and I never got to share my little ones in their vintage ensembles. Dressing these days are a bit more interesting as True is starting to have a her say in what she wears. She likes this, doesn't like this, wants that, doesn't like the way that feels. Oh boy! I think these pictures will portray the sass she carries quite accurately (a little disclaimer: if you ever met her in person, she is really shy and it will take about an hour to get her to talk to you).

If you ask her what she likes to wear this is what she will say, "Vintage and Misha Lulu." Simple as that! Okay, maybe it is influenced by what mama puts in their closet, but hey, that is what she really says! Brave doesn't really have an opinion quite yet, but I am sure that isn't too far behind seeing how close in age they are and what big sister does, she does too!
true and brave vintage loverstrue and brave vintage lovers
I am such a sucker for vintage kid cardigans. I will rarely turn one down, thus we have a large assortment hanging in their closet. True and I went thrifting together last week and I let her pick out some things, one of which is the belt she is wearing and the other is a belt we picked out for Brave too!
true and brave vintage lovers
true and brave vintage lovers
on True: shirt, vintage from oh sydney. cardigan, vintage. belt, thrifted. pants, misha lulu. shoes, vintage. necklace & bracelet, made by true.
on Brave: collared shirt, vintage. cardigan, vintage. pants, misha lulu. shoes, vintage. bow, cakies (by me).

Here some really cute cardigans for sale on etsy: red knit apple, bright and fun, cable knit, peachy handmade, speckled, cowichan bunny, and a perfectly blue.

Rachel and I are both playing catch up, so don't forget to go "over there" and check out her part two also!

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  1. i am dying over these outfits!!!! they look so cute!!!! that red belt is so fun!

    ps * thanks for the link to the peachy sweater!

  2. I loooove this soo much!

    How sweet and stylish they look. Sweet girl, I would like to only wear vintage and misha lulu too! (smile)
    And that necklace is all kinds of awesome and MADE BY TRUE! WOW!


  3. Ah! I'm SO glad that she is wearing that Tahoe shirt! It couldn't have found a better home. Your girls are fabulous!

  4. Your girls are always so awesome! I LOVE True's necklace!!! I would wear that any day.

    Be glad she still enjoys what you offer her. There will come a day when your daughter will choose something that is totally against your style and you will grin and bear it. It is a startling day, but all moms go through it. Hopefully she'll come around and back to the fold ;) My daughter did.

  5. your girls are absolutely beautiful, and I love your style!

    greetings from norway*
    (you're welcome to check out my blog:)


  6. You are making me love red and blue, that's for sure! It is not my normal color combination, but I keep seeing your girls in these cute red and blue outfits! I love True's necklace.

  7. so.freaking.adorable! you're making me want to have a little girl so i can dress her up!!!

  8. OH. MY. GOSH. Your girls are completely adorable & those outfits are beyond words. So cute!! :)


  9. really really cute. I've bought a few vintage pieces, my girls love the dresses, but almost everything else they either don't like wearing, or the pieces get paired with something like a Dora shirt. They wear what they want to wear these days...


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