November 12, 2010

here are your answers in one super duper long post

Answers to some of your questions. Here it goes:

Q: Are your daughters' names really True, Brave, and Soul?
A: Yes, they are indeed. No joke. The first two actually didn't have a name until after they were born. Brave was home 4 days before she was actually given a name. Here is a quick story on their names...

True is because she is our true miracle. Medically speaking, Ben has a condition that isn't supposed to allow us to have children. He even had surgery to try and get it fixed, but I was sitting in the doctor's office with him when we were both told that it didn't work and that the chances of having children naturally didn't look good. I cried, but I loved him and a year later we got married. Thus, when we did, we didn't worry about any birth control, cause well we had the most natural form (or so we thought), but God does miracles today and we were pregnant one month later. Now, we a total of three miracles! Or maybe, Ben was just testing me to see how much I really loved him! Hmm...

Brave's full name is Brave Noëlle. Brave cause our prayer for her is that she is Brave for the gospel and Noëlle means Christmas, which is Christ. Christ is the gospel. There you have it. Brave choice I know, but we love it. There is also a children's book called Ruby Lu, Brave and True, so it couldn't have been more perfect!

Soul, well you know that story already. And yes, the grandparents were highly opposed to both names True and Brave at first, but when Soul came around, they were already used to our naming habits!

Q: How do you take good family pictures or pictures of just the two of you?
A: We use a gorilla pod, which is just about the best thing ever. We are a bit particular in our picture taking, so we don't really ask strangers to do it (no offense strangers), so the gorilla pod is the best thing ever! I think we bought ours from amazon here. We put it on, get the camera in place, set the timer and I run in!

I don't have any professional photography skills as I just like to take pictures, but I wrote an article once for online magazine Sekund and I give some tips on how to capture some good pictures here.

Q: What type of camera do you use?
A: I use a Nikon d40, which is really old school now compared to some of the models out there, but I love it. I really would like to upgrade to this, but gotta save more pennies! If you look on the right side bar of my blog (right under followers), you will see the list of all the camera (and sewing) equipment that I use.

Q: What lens do you use the most?
A: I use my 18-200mm VR lens pretty much all the time.

Q: What program do you use to make your "slice of life" videos?
A: I use imovie on a Mac. I love mac and imovie is so so easy to use. When I was a teacher, my class learned how to make videos, so I learned the basics then and kinda just guess my way along the way now. It really takes me no more than 30 minutes to make a video, the hard part (and longest part) is finding a song.

Q: Where do you store all your craft stuff and all the things you make?
A: I am pretty lucky that I have my own studio area in our house, but it is such a mess and not organized. That is why you don't see pictures of it often. Once it is, I will share. I need more shelves, which is on my to-do list!

Q: What highchair do you use as I see Soul is sitting right up to your dining table?
A: We use a Stokke high chair, which is just about the best thing ever! It does cost a bit more, but it isn't a pain to clean and she is involved right at the dinner table. I am so glad we tossed the traditional one out and decided to get the Stokke instead.

Q: What is Ben's profession?
A: Ben is a registered dietitian and he works as a health educator for a local hospital. Healthy eating is very important to our family. You have to practice what you preach, right? Rest assured though, I am so normal and have a really bad sweet tooth. It is just all about moderation. I keep telling him he must start a blog.

Q: What does a typical day for you look like?
A: I wrote down my day for Design for Mankind's dallies several months back. See it here.

Q: When do you find time to craft?
A: All the girls take naps between 1-4pm daily. Well, most times at least 2 out of 3 are napping, so this is my time to get things done.

Q: Where are your sneakers from (this picture)?
A: They are really old, but I rarely wear sneaker type shoes, so they are in the best condition ever. I got these shoes 8 years ago when I was studying in London and they are a brand called Shelly's. I love Shelly's, so wish I could get them here!

Hope this answered most of your questions that you have sent me on either comments or via email. If you have anymore, leave them here. I know there are a few others like what types of gifts do I give for Christmas or favorite blog reads, I will answer those questions in a post of its own.

Also, thank you for your encouragement and thoughts regarding a fourth. It is really nice to read the wisdom from those who have gone before me (and even those who haven't) in this arena. That's why it is nice to have friends here in this space, we all learn and teach each other. We need to pray diligently about God's will for us, but I must say I am very encouraged by all of you!

The weekend is upon us and after being cooped up at home for a week, I can't wait to get out! Anyone got any fun plans? Please do share!

Thanks friends!!! xoxo


  1. so fun to read all of these ruby! i love how you came up with your girls' names. and i'm thinking i'll have to register for one of those stokke high chairs once i am preggers - they're so neat!

    p.s. i also studied abroad in london!!

  2. Hi, I really love your children's names and I enjoy these little glimpses into your life. Thanks for sharing with us!

  3. Oh wow, I love your kiddos names! Thanks for this awesome, insightful post! I love the fact that your family is living proof that miracles still happen!!

  4. I love that you answered these questions! :) That gorilla pod DOES look amazing - I might have to get one just as soon as I can! :)
    I'm looking forward to your future answers too (like what you get friends/family on Christmas!), but I also have a question:
    What is your philosophy as a mother or parent? What do you think is most important?
    We all get to see how much you adore your girls and nourish their creativity - I was wondering you can impart some of your parenting wisdom on us :)
    (Not that I'm going to be a parent anytime soon...but it'll be good to keep in mind for future use :)

    Anyway, have a wonderful weekend, Ruby!!

  5. I super love this post and all your answers. Especially the one about your children's names. They're beautiful, amazing testaments to Christ. Bless you guys! =)


    ASOS have a range of Shellys shoes these days and they ship to the US for pretty low prices too! Love the blog and your family is seriously cute!

  7. thanks for answering all our questions - esp about how you take your super cool pics with the whole family/just you and ben!! gorilla tripod - never heard of it...and now in love with it!

  8. hi Ruby,
    I'm Lisette from Holland and I love your blog especially since I have little girl after two adorable boys. I'm a teacher and I love crafting and my days are always too short......
    I was wondering if you are homeschooling your little True or doesn't she have to go to school yet? You're an inspiration an we're also thinking about a fourth.
    Love Lisette

  9. Thanks for answering my question about your daughter's names! I love them by the way. Also, I have a D40 and I love it.

  10. I love this much great information! I have to say, when I first found your blog and saw your children's names,I thought you or your husband were native american since they sometimes have names that fit their personality like flying eagle or something.I really think it fits the girls so great...sometimes it's harder to accept a name when one just says it but when you see the person with that name,it just fits. :) I can't imagine you having kids named sue or just doesn't fit your fun & creative family (no,I'm not offending anybody with those names,i just mean that they are not unique names).

    I never knew you were a teacher...what grade did you teach and for how long? I do have an interesting you plan to homeschool your daughters b/c you would be so great at it...I bet home ec. classes taught by you would be so awesome! :)

    As for the miracle of your babies....I never knew that you both were told that together you wouldn't be able to have must have been so hard since you loved him but I'm sure deep down you wanted a that's a love story,for sure! I never believe when a dr. tells people they can't have husband knew someone who had an arranged marriage but the bride's family didn't tell the groom until after marriage that she would never be able to have babies b/c she had a lot of health issues so he was very upset but after my husband and I talked together about giving him advice about how it's up to God to decide that,my husband called him and told him to stay with her and ask God for help & you know what,a few months later they had a baby & less than 2 years after that,they had another baby.God can do things that doctors can't. :) I'm just really happy that you both were blessed with babies....such a great story.Maybe you should have called True, Surprise present. :) I can't wait to see what you would name your 4th baby that you know you really want. :) Your blog is so great,my daughter even put your link on her blog (she's 11).We all love seeing the pics of your girls. :)

  11. I didn't know we were asking questions! I must have missed something. :) Our God works in mysterious ways. I love your story about fertility. You chose to marry Ben and have faith, and God gave you the desires of your heart. They DID all turn out pretty darn cute! I am also wondering if I want a fourth. I thought for 2 whole years now that we would stop with 3 kids since I was having such a hard time. But now I don't know. I kinda miss it.

  12. my husband and i found out we were pregnant a month after we got married, too! i was on the pill, but God had other plans! our little girl is due in 4 weeks!! :)

  13. Thanks for (one more!) very interesting blog!
    I have a question: When and how do you first introduce the girls to their first 'artistic' projects? Would you consider giving Soul access to jumbo crayons soon maybe? Or is it too early?
    MERCI in advance!

  14. aww! it was beautiful to read about your daughter's names and stories :)
    God truly works in wonderful ways!

  15. Hello! I found you and your adorable family through the Grosgrain blog. She posted a photo of the super cute softie dolls you made and I'd love to know if you'd share the pattern somehow? I couldn't find it on your blog. Thanks!

  16. Do you have any advice for stay at home moms on how to make a little money? the not too crafty variety...


  17. I loved the baby names story. I copy/pasted it to my fiance who is a little skeptical about some of my future baby name ideas. I especially liked what you said about the grandparents being opposed at first. Haha! :)

  18. Hi Rubyellen! I have been following your blog for over a year now and I just have to tell you that I love everything you post...your honesty and compassion really comes through your posts and it is not only refreshing but really inviting. Thank you for sharing everything. I strive to be so honest and carefree in my blog like you are in yours.


  19. what's your ethnicity? and your husband's?
    i love your family!! you look so happy together :)


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