October 21, 2010

pacific northwest road trip: day six

hello portlandday six: portlandday six: portlandday six: portlandday six: portlandday six: portland
The first day in Portland was spent mostly in the eastside, but when I think of it, I think we spent all our days mostly on the eastside. We crossed the Williamette River often. First on the agenda was Slappy Cakes, which was so so good and we had so much fun, I wish we had one of those here! I mean, making your own pancakes right in front of you in any shape you want... what more could you ask for?!! Then, we did some shopping/looking on Hawthorne and spent a good chunk of time in Powell's and continued the vintage hunting on Burnside. After which, we made a stop at Pix Patisserie to pick up some macarons before we headed off to Por Que No for an early dinner. That place is an absolute yum (I am craving their tacos just thinking of it)! After getting our taste buds satisfied, we headed off to First Thursday at The Pearl, where we did some art looking and more eating! We grabbed some food from the Koi Fusion and Village Creperie food trucks. I didn't even take too many pictures cause I was pretty much stuffing my face with food all day long, but we did get lots of video of us stuffing our faces, so will share that soon.

Oh Portland... you got some good food!


  1. It seams you have a looooot of fun! Bravo!

  2. Portland is great! I've only spent one day there, but it was a great day. I've loved seeing pictures from your trip!
    Earl Grey - a little blog full of big inspiration.

  3. as soon as i saw the picture of ben and true, i KNEW you went to slappy cakes! lucky! :)

    btw... my family is planning a reunion trip to seattle this summer! :) hooray!

  4. I hit each one of your links and now I'm drooling on my keyboard!!! You find the best places!!! Love the photos too!! ;)

  5. Mmmmmm Por Que No IS awesome. Next time you have to hit the Screen Door for breakfast. AMAZING food!!!! Every Sunday, on the way to church there is a line for 40+ about 20 minutes before they even open! Breakfast corn dog! It's all organic and local and from scratch.

  6. Look at those little girlies! So fun!

  7. Those pancakes remind me of this cute blog I saw a week or so ago.


    This guy makes CRAZY pancakes for his cutee daughter.

    Looks like you had a fun trip!


  8. portland is one of my favorite places in the whole world. ok, i'm a little biased because i grew up around there. glad you were able to stop there on the road trip. great timing getting there for first thursday!

  9. glad to hear slappy cakes is awesome, going to Portland next month and super excited =) thanks for the reviews and recommendations I will have to try these other places too!!!

  10. Oh my, I want to go on a food vacation, haha! The pancake place looks fun, my son would love it. Love looking at your pictures.

  11. Portland is my home. & I am so glad you enjoyed it! Great picks on all the spots you hit too! Some of my faves!


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