October 20, 2010

the imaginary birthday outfit

I love birthdays! I have always loved birthdays! While we were dinner at my parents' house on Sunday, I announced my birthday was two and half weeks away and they all just laughed and said, "We knew you were gonna say that!" I love birthdays that much!!!
imaginary birthday outfit
If budget weren't an issue, this is what I would be wearing on my birthday. I have no plans so far and not too many requests (okay a few, like I want french toast for breakfast and a nice fancy date with Ben for dinner), so I can hardly wait for November 3rd to come!

dress: from anthropologie
sweater: from female hysteria

I am definitely in an Autumn mood. Throw in some navy tights and I am a happy camper. Or maybe these shoes or this bag, which is by far one of my favorites but way too expensive for me, or this sweater and all is well. Can you tell I like online looking too much?!! But hey... this will be my last year in my twentys so I think a special birthday request is in order!

Dear mom and dad, my seesters, and Ben... I love all these things (in addition to the wish list i already sent you!). love, ruby


  1. hahahahahahah. everything is so cute. but this made me laugh. :) i'll spread the msg.

  2. oh too fun.... cute dreamy outfit.
    our birthdays are one day apart...
    and same year also..

    what a fun sweet season this is.

  3. very cute!
    have a lovely day!

  4. So lovely...I adore everything but that bag is melting my heart...love your blog! xoxo

  5. We have the same date but different month.

    I hope your wishes will come true.

  6. I love your bday outfit choices -- especially the shoes. such a classy and relaxed combo for fall!

  7. loooove it. that purse is fantastic!

  8. This print looks quite similar to the bag you like...


  9. i hope you get everything on your wishlist... plus more!!!

  10. aaah! im so happy you made it into my work! (slappy cakes) wish i could have served your adorable little family. so glad you had fun! :) come again soon!

  11. You have such a knack for putting things together! So darling! You are one day older than me! Fun! Happy early Birthday!


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