September 22, 2010

a stinky start

This morning was a pretty cruddy. It put my whole day off balance (at least my morning). Let's see, I was downstairs getting the older two girls breakfast when I heard Ben yelling upstairs, so I ran up to see what the ruckus was. He said Soul's poop came out!

That's not unusual as she usually likes to explode in her diaper and it often leaks out. She goes poop once a day but it really is like an explosion! Not today though. Today was different. Somehow she managed to unloose her diaper while in the play yard, so as Ben was going to pick her up, he thought, "Well, it smells kinda funny in there." He looked inside and saw her little poop droplets. He freaked out! Picked her up and carried her out, only to unloose the diaper even more and more droplets fell out (onto carpet mind you) and then he stepped in it! YES, HE STEPPED IN IT! I finally get upstairs to see him changing her and I see the poop all mushed into the carpet and dragged along. So who is stuck cleaning it? Me. I guess it is in my job description (just look under mom). But let me tell you, I hate cleaning poop off carpet (who does though?!). As I was cleaning it, I vowed that we are never ever getting a pet! Ever.

I bathed Soul before I cleaned the mess, put her in the crib where she cried her head off until I finish cleaning the mush on the carpet. Finally, Ben was leaving for work and the car wouldn't start. He is yelling at me about it from downstairs. I am mad cause I am cleaning poop off the carpet (he usually does this nasty kinda of cleaning, but today he had to go to work... how convenient!). I run downstairs into the garage to see what happened. We both don't know. He keeps trying (mind you, his car is at the shop getting fixed so he had to take mine today) and finally, it started. He pulls out fast. I go back upstairs and continue to clean up poop.

So that's that. I feel out of sync today. And cause I am not a fan of a picture-less post and was not in the mood to take a picture of the mishap (plus, you probably wouldn't want to see it), I am sharing a stinky but yummy lunch we had over the weekend.
stinky but yummy lunch
Five simple ingredients: sardines, smoked herring, fresh tomatoes, and olives atop a yummy cracker. Now, this was something stinky but really yum.

Okay friends, how was your morning? I hope it was better than mine.


  1. I remember the first time I move into my husband house and he had two dogs (pitbull and terrier). My husband had to go to business trip and never in my life I had to pick up those nasty poop. I was still sleeping (he left at 4am) and I smell something funny...I woke up again and was wandering what the heck is that smell...I look at the bathroom god knows I gasp when i saw a huge wet poop. I couldn't leave it because thats the entrance. I tried to lean down but my gosh I was gagging...i went to get a cloth to cover my nose...still gagging...I look at the pitbull...yelling at her name. I call my husband up...he was laughing because he was at the airport. It took me 20 minutes to pick up that poop...i say thanks to the dog for making my was her way to welcome me...nice. So I could imagine your day. I told my husband...when we have this big renovation coming. No CARPET!!! After that incident I told my husband no more poop matter how much i love the dogs I am not cleaning their mess!!!

    Few months back I saw some kind of poop prop. I was about to buy it but my sister/brother-in-law say what is that for....I gave them that wicked smile and say to...she say that is nasty. I say that is to remind him few years back. I want to place it on his side of bed...laughing.

    We all have those crazy days...take it easy.

    ps. i love sardines!! i dont think i ever try herring before.

  2. little sister here doesn't like sardines and olives!!! but it looks good! :)

    i choreographed my first dance HEY HEYYY!

  3. ha. well, mine was stinky too. took my 5yo to the eye doctor and turns out he has an astigmatism and needs (expensive) glasses. oh and then he threw up twice all over the waiting room. turns out he has a flu-like something. (i actually thought, "at least i don't have to clean it up." as the receptionist ushered us out of the office.)

  4. I had a similar but, less dirty day than you.
    My son usaly takes maximum 15 minutes to fall asleep for his afternoon nap. But this afternoon, after 1 hour he was still singing about Woody and Buzz or something like that. So I open the door to see what was going on. Just to see all the sheets, teddy bears, pacifier and everything out of his crib. And also the diaper !! He had manage to take off his diaper whith poop in. Fortunately the poop was still in the diaper on the floor. But he had managed to sit on his pillow an put some on. No big deal, I can put it in the washing machine. But during the time I was cleaning the mess with my little girl crying (she was too supposed to be sleeping) in her crib, he manage to pee in his crib. He's not perfectly trained but he can say when he want to pee. But this time no !!! I know I should have put the diaper first but, I forgot. Anyway there where nothing left in the crib, so no big deal to clean either.
    After putting everything back in the crib he took 1 hour more to fall asleep, but finaly did.

    No carpet, but cleaning too !!!

  5. Whew-- that exasperated me just reading it! I really have no good poop stories (yay for being 16, right?) although come to think of it, I've got some interesting booger and blood stories from volunteering at the hospital... but maybe my morning will encourage you? It was See You at the Pole morning, when students around the world gather to pray at their schools' flagpoles. My friends and I participate and promote it at my school every year, but the past couple years have been only 8-10 people showing up. Last night I bought 3 dozen doughnuts, only praying that God would send us enough people to eat them. This morning? Exactly 3 dozen people showed up. It was pretty moving experience. God is crazy awesome, isn't he?

    (sorry I've been bursting to tell this story to anyone who will listen today) :)

  6. Linley- this story is amazing! thank you so much for sharing it! it reminds me that my poop story is nothing as God is working something greater out for his glory. thank you!!!

  7. eek! I hope your day got better. I love the herring picture - my boyfriend and I went to Finland this summer, and so enjoyed the different types of scary-looking-but-delicious fish! xox

  8. Woke up and got ready for work. Nothing out of the ordinary. Got in the car and realized I was 10 minutes late to work. Nothing out of the ordinary. Sped like a crazy women and got to school at 8:10. Nothing out of the ordinary. The bell rang, and the day started. Had fun with the kiddos and did some calendar math. No biggie. Then started Writers Workshop.... then in walks a mom and a little boy. Mom declares, "You have a new student." greattttttt. I stop my lesson, introduce myself, and get right back into the lesson. The little boy is shy but is smiling at me. I think "well... at least he's sweet." We get up to begin our writing. I start pushing stuff of my desk so I can give my 24th student somewhere to sit. He sits down while I run around like a crazy women getting him the proper and necessary supplies. I finally breathe, and he starts working. NEXT THING I KNOW HE'S STANDING ON THE CARPET AND BARFING!!!!!!!!!!!! omg. All this before recess.... I need drink. It's been one of those days. :/

    call me.

  9. sorry to hear it, and thank you for sharing, you have so much joy and happiness on your blog it's always nice to be reminded that even you have trials. and by the way one of my daughter's first phrases ever was "mama cleaning" i wiped up yet another mess she had made!

  10. check your email. my story is too gross to post. trust me. :)

    ah, the day in the life of a full time super woman, aka MOM! :)

    love you!

  11. ah the life of a mom....there are days and then there are DAYS. You had a DAY today. Here's to hoping tomorrow is not only better but you can catch your breath and have fun.

  12. My sister has the one of the best stories ever, it involves her having to give herself enimas in prep for an operation she was having, all the while her dog pooped in the house and one of her kids was throwing up and the other kid wouldn't leave for school, it was the funniest story I've ever heard but you have to hear her tell it. When it rains, it pours!!

  13. it's funny you mention explosive diapers because amelie is the same way! how funny. :)

    we've had our share of poopy incidents, but poor emiliano has been the victim most of the times. i think it's because he takes a long time to change the baby. hee-hee!

    as much as i bet it sucked this morning, i'm sure soon you'll be laughing it off with ben as one of the many memorable family moments. <3

  14. I was so ready to see a picture of poop:) Your story reminded me of my night this summer when my dog (boston terrier) pooped in his dream (yes he did, and he's not that old either!) between my feet. I woke up because I felt some thing cold between my toes! We talk about poop here a lot in this house hold too:) Sorry you had a stinky start to your day. Your food look delicious!!

  15. I'm sitting here with my 8 week old in my Moby wrap, trying not to laugh too hard lest I wake her up. I'm sorry your day wasn't so peachy, but your story gave me a good laugh.

  16. wow, explosive diapers. I remember those when my daughter was 6 months (poo'd 3x a day). Hope your day ended much better than the way it began.

  17. Um, that was my daughter... explosive diapers!! I just want you to know that when she's older, you might want to keep the plunger handy! For some reason, that's the way their digestive system works and I haven't been able to change that the last 13 1/2 years! I also think owning a pet and owning a carpet shampoo machine go hand-in-hand! ;)

  18. We had a similar night once. It was very late (or very early actually) and I heard my son awake at a time he normally wasn't. I go into his little bedroom and am almost knocked over by the smell. He's standing in his crib with a big grin on his face. His diaper is still on, but there is poop on literally every surface of the room! I've never figured out how it happened. He didn't have it on his hands, but it was on all of the walls, the ceiling, the crib, all the toys, you name it, there was poop on it. Fortunately, my hubby was home and one of us took the room and the other the baby. I'm sure that when the baby was clean and safely in his playpen, the other was in the room helping clean up there too. That was a night I was glad I didn't have to repeat!

  19. have you ever thought of cloth diapers? they really have come a long way, are cute and easy, and they keep the poo in better than any disposable!

  20. have to second on the cloth diapers! :)
    But anyway, my son, who has just turned 2, has started digging into the leg holes of his diaper while he sits in his crib and quietly plays with the poop he finds in there. Nice, mushy poop smeared all over his face, hair, tummy, crib rails, blankets... this has happened to us 4 times now and it sure does keep things interesting! Especially when you are in the middle of running around like a mad woman trying to get your 6 year old ready for school. Not fun!


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