September 21, 2010

pancakes and a buck

Our normal breakfast consists of oatmeal for the adults and O's and milk for the kids with fruit mixed in both for good measure (though usually not in mine). I wanted to change things up a bit and decided that making some pancakes would be a very good thing. The girls were ecstatic once they learned what I was making and we were all so excited to attack the little stack of circles. Our tummies were quite content and all the pancakes were devoured quickly.
I mentioned that I got myself a couple vintage goodies for a buck (thanks to my brother's girlfriend faye for telling us a little vintage yard sale that occurs every sunday in L.A.) and this vintage wrap skirt was one of the things I picked up in the piles. I grabbed it, looked at it, hesitated, then tried it on and decided I liked the quirky parrots! Plus, not too much to lose for a buck right?!!
vintage one buck skirt and my brave
I had to smile for picture. Still can't do the serious thing yet (this is a work in progress). And yes, I had to grab another little babe to join me in it too.

shirt: target
skirt: jet rag
shoes: none cause we don't wear them inside the house
little girl: my womb
hello kitty tin purse: belongs to the little girl (gift from grandparents)

Autumn weather has yet to hit southern California (is there such a thing as fall weather here)? It isn't too hot though, so I am thankful! I am really hoping for our little road trip cause I want to see what real fall is like. I have so many autumnal things I want to do in our little home, but time is going fast and I am not sure if we will have time to do them. It seems there is always a long list of other "to-dos" we want (or have) to do. Though for sure, we must do our annual Fall-elebration dinner to celebrate the new season.

What types of things do you do to celebrate the fall season?


  1. Mm, pancakes. That skirt is awesome! It would look amazing with a red shirt.

  2. Love that skirt. I could never pull it off like the picture....cute!
    I know you probably know about this site...but everything screams "Ruby" to me:

  3. My hubby and I we have a parrot...a real parrot (pic on blog).

    Great vintage find! I finally purchase my first vintage clothing. Little bit paranoid but ...


    Best regards,
    Annie from nj

  4. Totally adorable outfit - the skirt is perfect on you! And we get in breakfast ruts, too. Pancakes and eggs are usually weekend fare, but I know my girls would be thrilled if I whipped up a batch on a weekday.

    I've been totally inspired by your weekly videos and decided to try one out, too! It's on our family blog. They are kind of addicting :) Thanks for all the creativity and inspiration here!

  5. i love how brave has her hands on her hips too.

    we always make sure we take the girls to the pumpkin patch. they love it!

  6. you and your girls are always so cute. love this.

  7. noo! don't do the serious posing thing! a smile suits you better =)

  8. I know cali doesn't have a "real" fall. But when the santa anna's hit and it gets super windy It makes me ready for christmas. Then the rain comes all winter. Since we had such a cool summer here I am not sure I am ready for fall.
    ( probably 'cause the santa anna's haven't come :)

  9. I totally want pancakes now (it's 9 pm ;)). I have already begun some fall-inspired baking and purchased just a few fall-ish details for the house. It's still 90+ degrees here in FL but I can't help myself!

  10. I agree smiling looks so much better than those serious faces. You are doing awesome with your outfit posts!

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  12. You are so cute!! The dress is fantastic, i'm creasy about vintage too...

  13. This is such a cute photo of you guys! For fall, I love going for long walks and cooking litres of pumpkin soup!

  14. That skirt is a great find! The best part of the picture is your little cutie posing beside you - adorable.

  15. You are so adorable!!! We always say that about your girls but they get it from their Momma!!! I can't wait for fall to get here too... love it!!!

  16. little girl: my womb. haha - love that.

    ok this is my third comment. im going to stop stalking you... now.


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