May 28, 2010

kid art

It's my favorite type.
true's drawingtrue's drawingtrue's drawingbrave's drawingbrave's drawingtrue's drawing
I especially think these are really good. Of course, I am a bit biased.

Happy long weekend (to the those in the U.S.) and I will probably be back in this space on Tuesday. Three day weekend with my Benny is bliss, so bliss, here we come...


  1. I love kid art too! Agree that it is the best kind. I have a few large murals that I have let my daughter go crazy on hanging in her playroom.

  2. Kid art is adorable! I see a necklace, a fish, cooking, blowing bubbles, and ... a caterpillar? Super cute regardless!

  3. They often amaze me.I like drawing with them!

  4. It is mine also. I really enjoy looking at my boy drawing.

  5. so very precious :) hope you save these forever! miss you guys!!! xo.

  6. Awwww! I will have to agree. Children have the most clear understanding of creativity, so their work is deeply original and genuine. Thank you for sharing! :)

  7. i see...
    1- necklace (anthropologie eat your heart out!)
    2- fish
    3- a person...with a home grown carrot in their tummy!
    4- bubbles
    5- under the sea treaures
    6- an upside down heart of color :)

  8. i just love how kid art is always kinda crumpled and sometimes ripped. so funny!

  9. The one with the fish (by True, I think) is amazing! It looks like a view from above, which is not a usual viewpoint for a young child's drawing. She must have the same visual perception skills her Mommy has!! ;)
    I love all these drawings too... lots of color and shapes... and they fill the page! You'll know they entered into a different stage of drawing when things become more centralized or you just see the ground line and the sky. I think the earliest stages of drawing are the most pure and the most beautiful, before the symbolism starts...they just intuitively put down colors and shapes that please them. beautiful!

  10. Great little artists. Thanks so much for the great idea with the garden boxes. Tomorrow I will be out hunting for some. I was mourning the loss of not having a garden this year. We are relandscaping part of our yard and our pup just digs everything up if it's in the backyard. I will have home grown tomatos...and basil...and peppers...and so many more. So excited! Thanks.

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  12. Those are masterpieces - My daughter makes at least three masterpieces a day! Ah to be a kid again.


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