March 1, 2010

alice isn't all that bad

The last time the girls went on a date with Grammie and Grumpy they went to the movies and saw a preview for Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland. Since then, every time they see the movie poster they exclaim, "Alice is scary!" Thus, we wanted to show them Alice isn't scary, but actually a fun story, so amidst the rain, we made the trek to Santa Monica for a friend's housewarming and then to the Santa Monica Playhouse and watched Alice and the Wonderful Tea Party.
their first musicaltheir first musicaltheir first musicaltheir first musical
The verdict: the girls loved it! They were clapping and completely engaged with the performance. After, they kept singing "... a party, a party!" which is one of the songs that was sung during the play. Now, they love Alice and even pretend to be Alice themselves and are asking to watch more shows.

Little Soul came along too, but she was quietly sleeping throughout most of the performance. I guess she loved it too.
their first musical
Hopefully now they won't be so scared of Alice, though I must admit, Johnny Dep and Helena Bonham Carter do look a bit scary, but it is a Tim Burton film after all.

Hope your weekend was just as good. Don't forget to enter the giveaway and visit the shop as it now has a few goodies inside, including only one dollhouse pillow. Sorry dollhouse pillow is now sold.

Hello March's first Monday!


  1. are you going to take them to see it?
    it looks too intense!

  2. I know how it is when you take your kids to go see remakes...some lovely stories get really turned around. I have had to talk my son into seeing lots of things that he at first was rather scared of. So glad that they ended up loving the playhouse Alice version. Tim Burton is definitely not for the little ones.
    Happy Monday!

  3. I'M TOTALLY FREAKED OUT ABOUT ALICE IN WONDERLAND TOO! It's an adult book, you know! The author was on a acid trip when he wrote it... I'll be sure to tell the girls that the next time I see them. :)

    You went to Helen's?! I couldn't make it. :/

  4. My daughter has those tights that your girls are wearing too. Adorable! How old are your girls now?
    Great idea to go see the play!

  5. miss carys- my girls are 3 and 2.


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