February 27, 2010

i love instant film

Do you?
If you do, then you might just want to enter the giveaway for the polaroid camera in the above picture. To enter, leave me a comment with the following information:

1. What you are most looking forward to in the Spring.
2. Visit my sponsors and tell me your favorite item from one of them. You have lots to choose from... Downtown Girl Designs - SheyB - Warm Sugar - Lisa Leonard - Misha Lulu - HijKids - Orangepoppy.

Those overseas are also welcomed to join. The giveaway will end midnight PST on March 2 and I will announce the winner sometime the following morning. Good luck!

March is coming and if you are interested in becoming a Cakies sponsor, please email me for information.

The winner of the polaroid camera is... Micayla!

Congratulations Micayla! Please email me with your address. And thank you everyone so much for entering it was fun to see all your favorites. I am so glad everyone is excited for Spring on my side of the world and for Autumn on the other side and I am especially glad that my sponsors are loved so, so much!


  1. I love everything by Lisa Leonard but I love the open circle necklaces the most and would love one with my son's name and date of birth on.

    Ooooh I'm excited to enter this giveaway I love polaroids with all my heart!

  2. I'm looking forward to getting married on March 20th, which just about is the beginning of Spring. :) I'm hoping for spring sunshine and spring flowers.

    I love the Orangepoppy necklaces, especially the pink petal ruffle necklace.

  3. i'm so excited... i love instant film!

    as far as spring, i'm looking forward to being able to walk/bike outside and to campus rather than drive (right now it's WAY too cold to even think about walking!)

    and i LOVE the "fly free" necklace from lisa leonard's shop. but really, i love all of her things.

  4. Hi, Ruby!
    I'm looking forward to getting the whole family back out into the garden to clear the beds and plant some new seeds. I'm also looking forward to the daily rituals of tending the garden, once again.
    And I absolutely love the Paxton doll from Warm Sugar! My lil' guy's birthday is coming up, and he would just adore one!
    Thanks for another great giveaway!
    xo Jenny

  5. This spring I'm looking forward to starting my own garden and planting beautiful flowers around my house.

    I love the Miranda doll from warmsugar! Thanks for doing the giveaway :)

  6. whoops I missed the Spring bit. I'm looking forward to my birthday, my 1st wedding anniversary and mothers day (in the UK) all int he same week in March!! x

  7. i am most looking foreward to wearing pretty little sun dresses out at the park on sundays after church.

    my favorite item would be Simone by Warmsugar. she is just adorable with those leg warmers!

    have a lovely saturday!

  8. My favorite of your sponsors would have to be Warm Sugar! She has the best dolls around. Absolutely love them!

    For Spring, I am looking forward to doing flea markets for the first time in Munich. Munich is a new city to me, different culture and all, and doing flea markets is just a great way to integrate!

  9. I am soooo excited!!! I've been asking my husband to get me a polaroid camera!

    As I look out my window at the 2 feet of snow we've gotten over the last couple of days, I think of seeing those first tulip and daffodil buds pop up from the ground, often through a thin layer of unmelted snow.

    My favorite sponsor is Warm Sugar. I love all of her work. I just got my daughter her first Warm Sugar baby doll. I can't wait to get her a big one. I want one too!

    Gosh I hope I win!!! Thanks!

  10. I'm currently living in The Netherlands, that means lots of rain and dark days. I'm looking forward to get the sun, longer days and cycling around the city. And of course taking pictures of the green trees and the canals!!

    I love the Pirate Baby Custom Made by Warm Sugar.

  11. oh! LOVE polaroid!
    so glad spring is coming... looking forward to warmer weather and strolls in the park. it will be fun to introduce my baby girl to grass and blue skies!

    i am so in love with Lisa Leonard's sweetheart tree necklace. hubby carved a tree with a big heart and our initials on a camping trip we took together before we got married, so imagine how giddy it made me to see that necklace?!

    love your blog! i mostly lurk here from google reader, so thanks for the chance to win something so cool!

  12. Last spring I was sleep deprived and locked indoors with a brand new baby girl.

    THIS spring, she's running around and busy as a little bee.

    I cannot wait until it's warm enough for sundresses and long blades of grass for us to run around in.

    I'd visited your sponsers before, and there's just a lot I like from all of them.
    I'd have to say the Tea Time Dress by Misha Lulu is at the top of my fav list though!

    Thanks for a great giveaway!!

  13. This spring I am looking forward to retiring my boots and shovel! I'm so excited for the snow and cold to disappearrr.

    Orangepoppy's shop is too cute! I love the Green Tea Statment necklace, absolutely stunning.

    Thanks for sharing the love! <3

  14. hi :)
    i'm looking forward to swinging (on a swing set) and driving with my windows down during spring. it seems so long overdue!
    and i love everything on lisa leonard's site, but especially the tree stump necklace.
    <3 katie

  15. This spring I'm looking forward for the coming of my second baby, supposed to be on the end of march.
    I really like all the stuff from Hijkids, but I really appreciate
    "Boy Bear in Blue".

  16. This Spring I am most looking forward to the birth of our third baby... our first little girl. I love Warm Sugar's soft, colorful dolls; perfect for Baby Sister!

  17. The thing I am looking most forward to in spring is a color change!! We've had snow on the ground since early OCTOBER and now it's almost March. I am SO ready for the 'white' to be replaced by GREENS, pinks, yellows, oranges, and red of early spring!!
    Sarah M

  18. I love the Hijkids Mary Mack Dress. Wish I could afford it for Beatrice.

    I'm looking forward to telling my family I'm pregnant in Spring! Can I keep a secret that long?

  19. I am most looking forward to introducing my daughter Cassie to the textures and sensory experiences of Spring in the form of planting flowers. We will splash into rain puddles barefoot and inhale the damp air, let the grass tickle our toes, squeeze soil through our hands, smell flowers and rub their petals between our fingers. We will also sample edible flowers in a nice healthy salad for the first time. My daughter is only 13 months old so everything is very new to her. Maybe we will get to capture all of this with a new polaroid camera hahahha! aggghhh the joys of spring.

    I aboslutely love the Vintage Lady bracelet from the Orangepoppy webpage.

  20. I love the daffodils that bloom all around town in the Spring here. Their bright yellow cheeriness brighten my day.

    I am in love with the Warm Sugar dolls. They are just so beautifully made.

  21. hi sweet friend,
    im so looking forward to picnics with my love. i've missed them so much!
    i love warm sugars miranda doll. so cute!

  22. Cool giveaway. I found you via Flickr and your amazing sewn love letters! I loved HijKids but was bummed to not find some handsewn boys clothes. I would pick http://mishalulu.com/store/storeimage/Carol%20crocheted%20hat.jpg from Misha Lulu.

  23. I can't wait for picnics and pretty sun dresses!

    I love all the dolls from Warm Sugar - and the fuzzy bear hats!

  24. can't wait for perfect weather picnics! I love Misha Lulu's Modern Misha Organic...perfect for my two girls!

  25. I love eating gelato and picnics in parks in the Springtime!
    Also loving the 'Apple of my Eye' brooch from Hijkids. Lovely lovely.

  26. i am looking forward to being able to wear skirts with bare legs and the sunshine. The toy bears on Hijkids are so cute. and the love is in the sir apron is adorable!

  27. I am most looking forward to the grass turning green, leaves on the trees and blooming flowers. No more dingy brown!

    I love the necklaces from Lisa Leonard! My favorite is the be still necklace.

  28. Great giveaway! I'm looking forward to seeing daffodils and tulips everywhere... and my fave thing from Warm Sugar is the Paxton doll.


  29. I can't wait for picnics in central park and hanging out in sidewalk cafes!

    I love the Live, Love, Run tank from Misha Lulu!

  30. hey Ruby! just found your blog and have to say, you and your family inspire me :)
    anyway....spring, please come soon! i'm looking forward to long walks with my puppy and sitting on the back porch. :)
    those warm sugar dolls are precious! i'd probably go with the posy doll, but i love all of them!
    thanks girl!

  31. i love the sweet and simple birdie necklace by Lisa Leonard.

    And this spring, i am most looking forward to walking through the forests of bluebells and having picnics there with lanterns and bunting hanging from the trees. x

  32. 1. I'm looking forward to spending time with my husband and our little girl that's on her way this March!

    2.Lisa Leonard - I'm in love with her 'lots of love' necklace. I actually posted about it in my blog. She does amazing work.

  33. I am so looking forward to spending time outdoors in my garden. We've been cold composting all winter, so I want to feed all my plants. I can't wait!

    I LOVE Warm Sugar, especially her Summer Doll - those bellbottoms make me smile every time I see them!


  34. 1. I sooooooooooooooo look forward to Spring! My baby was born in October and I live in Philadelphia so I will FINALLY be able to take her outside more than a few minutes. I can't wait for her to be able to enjoy the nature blooming and the sun kissing her sweet face☺
    2. I especially love the Brown and White Flower trim fabric at Misha Lulu

  35. This particular spring I am looking forward to seeing my six month old first baby continue to grow and change. He is different every day. It is like when you have a baby you consider them a gift, but it's really hundreds or even thousands of gifts as they become a new person over and over.

    I would have to say that my favorite item is the baby spoon from lisa leonard. DesignMom Gabriel Blair posted about one like this a few days ago. I love all of the cute little girl dresses at Misha Lulu and HijKids, but I couldn't pick out just one.

    Thank you for always posting great inspirational blogs about being a wife and mother.

  36. the pink popcorn trees!! and the awesome book being sold by hijkids. best ever.

  37. I am most looking forward to playgrounds :) I'm' pretty much stuck inside with my one year old son and two year old niece here in NYC and we need to get out!!! My favorite item from Lisa Leonard is the 'key to my heart' necklace.

  38. i am really looking for walks around our neighborhood and afternoons spent at the park with my little girl.

    love all your sponsors - but i die over everything misha lulu. love the yellow polka dot dress in the spring collection. so darling.

  39. This spring I am looking forward to the arrival of our third daughter--she is due right around the time of our 5 year anniversary. I can't think of a better way to celebrate!

    Lisa Leonard is a HUGE favorite of mine, and I have my eye on her family tree custom necklace, but I have also fallen in love with Warm Sugar. Such sweet little dolls! My youngest has a special birthday coming up in July...

  40. I am excited for my little girl to turn 2! I am also excited to experience my first spring in california.

    I la-la- love the French Roses print fabric at misha lulu!

  41. I'm looking forward to all sorts of things but the all encompass WEATHER! It's freezing here in UT & while it hasn't been a terribly snowy winter it's been COLD. Warm weather means we can do all sorts of fun things outside.

    I love the Orangepoppy necklaces. Lovely.

  42. OOOO, I've been wanting a polariod camera for so long!

    I'm really looking forward to planting a garden, and the warmer weather. {but not too warm too soon hopefully. :) }

    I love the necklaces from Orangepoppy!!!

  43. hello there! i am soo looking forward to wearing sundresses, getting dirty in the park, stargazing, and tea parties :)
    i loved the cute yellow mini teapot from misha lulu!

  44. Great giveaway!!

    I'm so excited for spring, I can't wait till all the snow melts and I can wear flats again. But most importantly I'm excited to plant my flowers and be able to paint outside!

    I visited Orangepoppy and like the Penelope Ruffle necklace, it seems adorable :)

  45. I am looking forward to warm weather and camping!

    I love Warm Sugar! All of the dolls are so sweet...I don't even have a daughter...I just want one for myself!

  46. I'm actually looking forward to Spring Cleaning!
    The Sea Star necklace from Lisa Leonard has been on my wish list for awhile now. I love all your sponsors, so much fun stuff.

  47. Im looking forward to picnics and bike rides, and hopefully a Road Trip with my hubby! I love everything about spring, I would be content with just sitting in my backyard at night enjoying the crisp light air. :)

    And oh my goodness I love the Lilly Pad statement Necklace from OrangePoppy. Gorgeous!


    -Love you Blog!


  48. oh i can't wait to lay in the grass and read books in the sun. and picnics! and i thing the strange lands sweater at hij kids is A-dorable.

  49. my pregnant self is greatly looking forward to spring cleaning this year.

    you have so many great shops listed on your sidebar. i adore the many unique clothing items that can be found at hijkids, but today i was totally excited by the select items at mischa lulu! i usually only look at their clothing, but today i peeked around a bit more. the mushroom kitchen towels, the wild things crocheted hat, the little ducky apron... sigh. so cute!!!

  50. On man, spring can't get here fast enough! I'm looking forward to the warmer (but not excruciatingly hot) weather! Warmer weather equates flip flops and cute spring dresses! And I adore the Miranda doll from Warm Sugar...especially with an added fuzzy bear hat. =)

  51. Can't wait for spring... my third baby will be born and my oldest will be 4 years old. .. I love the laundry line necklace from lisa leonard.

  52. I LOVE instant film, but haven't had an instant camera in several years! I'd love another one!
    I am most looking forward to spring heat! Texas has been experiencing some bipolar weather lately and I'm ready for the Texas heat to return!
    My favorite sponsor item is the Love Fairy girl from Warmsugar! I don't have kids, but these are cute for house decor for adults, too! I love her striped stockings!! :) Hope I Win!

  53. I can't wait for the spring so that I can spend more time outside with my children!!! We have been very cooped up this winter, and it will be so nice to smell the fresh air and run around in the yard.

    I am *loving* the butterscotch bangle over at Orangepoppy...I may have to treat myself to bring a little spring into my wardrobe...

  54. Living in California, makes spring time extra exciting. Every year I look forward to the beginning of wildflower season on March 1st! It's so beautiful and inspiring to see all these little flowers sprout from the ground especially after a wonderful winter, like the one we had this year, with actual rain. :)

    I am inspired by the Modern Orange Print fabric from mishalulu.com to create something equally fresh and fun for this wonderful time of year.

  55. For spring I looking forward to my anniversary on the 3rd of April. Also for it to get beautiful outside so our little family can go to the park again. my son loves playing at the park. He's been so sick lately and could really go out the few days it was nice outside. :(

    Thanks for this great oppertunity at this giveaway. Polaroids are awesome!
    I love the Kokeshi inspired doll from Warmsugar. I just love how they have their own looks and personalities and none are ever the same.

  56. 1. I love going to the Farmer's Market on Saturday mornings in Madison, Wisconsin and eating cheese and buying a huge bouquet of tulips.
    2. From Up Here necklace from Lisa Leonard - I love birds! It's absolutely gorgeous.

  57. Hi!

    I am looking forward to designing my Spring line of handmade cards, bookmarks, and gift tags. Each one I sell helps me get a little closer to my dance study trip to Brazil next January~ :-)

    I love the Warm Sugar Miranda doll with her cute little hat, scarf and mary jane shoes.



  58. I can't wait to take my 7 month old outside to play in the grass for the first time this spring! And I love the Lisa Leonard Aqua Stone Earrings!!

  59. Hi!

    My favorite part about spring is wearing cute dresses without layers and getting to hang out outside my best (4 year old) boy!

    I love the Devo Or Summer Doll from Warm Sugar. I think I saw them on a giveaway somewhere else and wanted them badly! :D

  60. This spring my husband and I will be celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary and we will be venturing to New York City (we live in L.A.) to celebrate!

    I am a huge fan of Lisa Leonard, and love her Fly Free necklace!

  61. Love Polaroid!!
    And I'm absolutely in LOVE with Orangepoppy's Serena Statement Necklace. It's stunning :) Def need one of my own!


  62. Ah! Forgot the spring part! I'm most looking forward to wearing some new spring dresses and enjoying some sun!


  63. I would love a polaroid! I cannot wait until spring so I can get out and garden- I have some great projects to complete my landscaping this year. I am in love with the pirate babies and the paxton doll from warm sugar--too cute.

  64. The Sugar Cookie yellow dress from Hijkids is amazing - I'd like a big one of those for myself - such lovely details.

    What a giveaway - there's something about Polaroids that are just so special.

    Florence x

  65. I love warm visits to the park and crocuses
    i love the Strange Lands Sweater in Gray by Soil on hijkids
    I also LOVE all the the dolls on warn sugar!!!!

  66. I am looking forward to long walks with my mr. on warm spring evenings!

    And I am LOVING the Serena Statement Necklace from Orangepoppy!

  67. hello :))
    i would have to say that i am looking forward to most things about spring! the rain, the longer days, the flowers, just the smell of spring!
    i love all of the dolls in warm sugars shop so very much. my favorite would have to be Devo and Summer.
    p.s. i simply love your blog and your daughters are adorable :)

  68. Wow, I checked everything out and i love everything!! But I must say I do really, really love the Devo doll at Warm Sugar. And Summer too, but since I have a little boy I just love the little boy doll!!!! Too cute :)
    As for what i am most looking forward to this spring? Our outdoor BBQ wedding party in may :) :)

  69. i have enjoyed your blog for some time- especially your dramatic literary retells and adaptations- the wizard of oz and Hansel and Gretel (i am a preschool teacher and lurve to see this kind of stuff)
    i am looking forward to sunshine, rain showers, and wearing my chacos- oh, how i have missed them
    i wish i could order hijkids pixie top and butterfly cardigan in my size
    and my nieces emma, charley, and annabelle would love devo and summer dolls from warm sugar

    the polaroid camera would be wonderful for the hubs and i to document are upcoming mission trip to belize

  70. I am just looking forward to Spring to get outside - its been a LONG winter in Texas and I'm ready for some sunshine, the smell of grass, picnics, days at the park, flowers, etc.

    I love the French Guy dress by HijKids, how adorable!!!

    Thanks for the chance to win! jaradowns@hotmail.com

  71. I just found your blog and love it! Thanks for the post about Sophie Madeleine. I bought one of her cds and am in love. As for what I'm looking forward to this Spring... having our first baby! My favorite item from Orangepoppy is the Butterscotch Bangle bracelet.

  72. Hello Ruby!

    Your blog and your family are so inspiring. Your outlook on life and love and family are so pure and honest.

    To me, spring means working on getting over my self-consciousness about my legs, and learning to love them as the wonderful gift they are.

    Spring means the warm sun on my face while exploring the little downtown stores my city has to offer.

    I adore the sweet little dresses by Misha Lulu, especially the “Tea Time” dress. Now all I need is a pretty little girl in my life to spoil!

  73. I'm looking forward to attending a new school in spring and hopefully making new friends. I will be studying in a totally different and new environment.

    I like so many of Lisa Leonard's designs, it's hard to choose one. If I had to choose only one, it would be the friendship necklace. It was one of the first few necklaces which caught my eye as I was scrolling down the page. I like how the flowers pop out and they just look so cute together. :D

  74. i am excited about ballet flats and bare toes this spring.

    i am absolutely in love with Simone from Warm Sugar. i dream of having a daughter some day and buying a Simone doll for her! <3

  75. Oh my life.....what a fab giveaway. I am totally needing a polaroid camera!!!
    Love all of the sponsors but the itty bitty hearts necklace from Lisa just gets me!
    I cannot wait to open those windows, hang my washing out and feel the sunshine on my face while playing in the park with my daughter....pure bliss. Roll on spring.

  76. I would love to try instant photography out!

    I love the Heidi dress from Hijkids. So perfect for a little girl at a picnic!

    I am looking forward to being able to walk everywhere barefoot.

  77. I love instant film :D but am yet to get a camera so AWESOME giveaway :)
    In the spring I'm looking forward to lots and lots of baby animals and life all around. Not really looking forward to the hayfever though!
    I love the from up here necklace from lisa leonard designs. It is absolutely amazing.
    Thanks and have a lovely day :)

  78. I can't wait for daffodils and jelly beans, and I love love love the elephant apron from Misha Lulu. Cheers!!!

  79. i've been wanting to get into instant film but just haven't found the right camera!

    1. though i suppose it's not technically in the spring, i'm excited about getting married june 12th! and i'm graduating from college in may, which is exciting :)

    2. i love orangepoppy's butterscotch bangle... so classy and vintage but with a modern sort of twist!

  80. riding around on my new bike to new markets and new places in my new neighborhood.
    love the rectangle keychain in lisa leonard designs!


  81. Every winter, I struggle with seasonal depression. I look forward to spring like my life depends on it. It is my hope. I am looking forward to facing the sun closing my eyes, taking a big deep breath of spring air, and celebrating that I've made it through another winter. All things new.

    I fell in love with Lisa Leonard's jewelry. Every piece made me think of someone close to me. I especially liked the "Be Still" necklace. It's a reminder to me that I am taken care of like the little birds that play in my yard. They don't worry or fear. It's a good reminder to me to live in the moment.

  82. hmm, so many things to look forward to with spring! Probably most excited about seeing the sun, the sun melting away the dirty snow, and the green-ness returning.

    I think Posy on Warm Sugar is super cute.

    Polaroids are so cool..I've always wanted to own one.
    Thanks Ruby!

    Kelsey :o)

  83. I LOVE the first day that's warm enough to wear just a t-shirt, the sun is out, the flowers and trees are blooming...ahhh, I can't wait! And baby #3 is due in July, so spring must come first before he/she arrives, which doesn't seem soon enough. :)

    Orangepoppy's ruffle necklaces are DI.VINE. I must have one.

  84. Springs almost here! I am most exited for the warmer weather and the beginning of blooming flowers! My fav item is Pink Petal Ruffle Necklace from orange poppy

  85. looking forward to making leprechaun traps.
    most fav doll from warmsugar is simone.

  86. it's actually autumn for us Aussies as it's summer now (: - but i look forward to Spring because I love it when flowers are blooming, trees are full of green leaves, when the bees and butterflies and insects make the garden lively and beautiful. Spring also means the weather's warmer and I love bathing under the sun without getting burnt whilst sipping tea and reading a book on the grass (:

    i love all Lisa Leonard's items and would love to custom make one !!! but my fav would be the leather cuff under the 'bracelets' category - I would put 'love' in instead of courage.

  87. Instant film reminds me of my grandad! He was so cute, shaking it to make it develop faster!

    Favorite thing ever--Mint green ruffle necklace from Orange poppy! And favorite thing about spring is getting my TAX return! So maybe I can purchase said mint green ruffle necklace! (rolling down the windows in the car is a very close second to extra cash)

  88. I love instant film! I bought a poloroid camera when I lived in Japan about 10 years ago. But I can't find it for the life of me!

    1. What I'm looking forward to most about spring is taking my little one, 18 months old Vada, to the zoo and to Sea World. It'll finally be warm enough and she's going to love seeing all the animals!

    2. My absolute favorite thing at Hijkids is their Sugar Cookie Dress in Blue! It is beyond the cutest thing and I wish Vada had one! I just might have to get it so she can wear it to the zoo :)

    Hope you and your little ones have a wonderful weekend!

  89. This spring I am really excited about trying out gardening for the very first time! We are going to make a little square foot garden and I think my kids are going to have so much fun helping with it!

    Rebekah, the designer of Orangepoppy, is actually a dear friend of mine, so hands-down she is my favorite! I love all her necklaces, but right now I am especially partial to her new bangles- so beautiful!

    But I would also love to give my sweet little girl one of Warm Sugars lovely dolls...

  90. Hi Ruby,

    This spring, there are a lot of things to be excited for.. 1) Easter celebration! 2) finishing my last quarter as an undergraduate study 3) Spring weather, which is perfect for gardening and strolling outside.

    Your sponsor Lisa Leonard is one of my favorites because her pieces are very simple yet stunning.

  91. So many things to look forward to in Spring: Getting out in the cool air with the warm sunshine on your back while gardening. My Kindergarten Class' Graduation in May. And many birthday celebrations.
    I LOVE the Lily Pad Statement Necklace over at orangepoppy. I'm a big fan of GREEN, one more thing to look forward to in Spring!

  92. omg, I've been wanting a polaroid for so long!

    I'm most looking forward to the day after the rain. It happens most during the springtime and the day after the rain is just unbelievably beautiful!

    I love love LOVE Lisa Leonard's "sweet and simple birdie" necklace. All of her designs are awesome!

  93. Love this chance. I have had no luck trying to obtain one for my collection. This would be fantastic!

    As for a favorite item... it is everything from LISA LEONARD. She makes the most beautiful jewelry. I would even say breath taking. But to be fair I would chose the thin cuff. I would put the names of myself, parents and 2 brothers.


    Stay dry this weekend!!


  94. i am looking forward to warm sunny weather!
    i love anything by warm sugar :)

  95. i am really looking forward to
    walks in the sunshine.

    taking pictures outside.

    the apricot tree blossoming right outside our window.

    i love love love lisa leonard! her necklaces are so lovely. the open circle necklace is my favorite but it's hard to pick because all of it is ddelighful.

  96. i'm looking forward to some warm weather and wearing cute dresses.
    love the necklaces from Lisa Leonard ^^

  97. 1. spring? mostly tulips and flowers in general, as well as planting new things in the garden while being outside and just soaking up the weather!

    2. the french guy dress for my little ruby (her 2 year bday coming up in march) from hijKids; and for my old lady bday coming up in april i love the ruffle necklaces from orange poppy.yippee!

  98. I'm really looking forward to the warm spring breeze and sunny skies! And i can't forget the flowers blooming. I would love to take instant photos of all the goodness spring brings (:

    ooh and i'm a fan of lisa leonards necklaces, especially the inspired designs! lovely!

  99. Hi there!

    I cannot wait for spring! I'm in Australia...so it's still a while away for us over here...but definitely still on the horizon!
    Autumn has just started, which gives me a taste for the 'in between' seasons I love so much!
    I'm most looking forward to the SMELL of spring! I live in an area surrounded by trees, and next to an elderley lady who has the most beautiful garden! And I can't wait to see the blooms, and smell the air in spring!

    My favourite item from your sponsors would have to be the 'emerald leaf ruffle necklace' from orangepoppy!! What could be more spring, than wearing a part of it around your neck! And emerald! What a stunning colour to herald in the new season! :-)

    with springtime love,

  100. Hello! I am most looking forward to having sunshine on my face all the time in spring! Can't wait.
    My favourite item from your sponsors is the 'butterscotch bangle' from orangepoppy. The colours are so well-suited to spring!

  101. I am definitely just looking forward to the warmth of spring... wearing a skirt and flip flops, running outdoors without a coat and gloves, baking in the sun just a bit... mmmm, wonderful!

    And I especially like the earrings on the Orangepoppy site!

    Thanks for sharing your life with the world!

  102. Well, right now I am thoroughly enjoying the Olympics being here in Vancouver so I'm really enjoying the moment... but I also look forward to planting my garden this spring -- and of course I ALWAYS welcome summer with open arms. :)

    My favorite item would have to be the dewdrops necklace from Lisa Leonard designs. It's beautiful!

  103. I cannot wait for my aunt to visit this spring! She is bringing my new cousin, Eva, who I am *so* excited to meet. Eva is turning one and my daughter is turning two, and we will be celebrating their birthdays together. :)

    My favorite item of your sponsors is:

    Simone is so adorable in her little leg warmers! Warm Sugar has wonderful descriptions, and I love that she repurposes materials in her dolls.

    It was so fun checking out your sponsors! Thank you for making this giveaway so fun!! :)

  104. WOW there are a lot of comments! Well, I may as well add to them!

    1. I am from Saskatchewan, Canada which means frigid temperatures for 6 months of the year. So I am very much looking forward to being able to slip into a pair of flip flops and not have the hassle of bundling up each and every day! And also the warm sunshine on my face- I love sun!
    2. I very much liked the sweet & simple birdie necklace from Lisa Leonard. I completely agree with the name- so sweet and simple, but beautiful!

    Well, I love polaroid, but there seem to be quite a few others who do too! Good luck to the winner!

  105. I am looking forward to the cherry blossoms! I am a California girl living back east for a year and I am anxiously awaiting a sea of pink petals to frolic around in. My favorite sponsor was the Warm Sugar Girl Love Fairy. So cute, my girls would love it.
    Thank you!

  106. The thing I look forward to the most in spring is when we turn the clocks ahead and it is light out later in the night! I love talking a walk after dinner when it is still light out.

    From Hijkids, I love the Sugar Cookie Dress in Yellow.

  107. Taking pictures of my one-year-old's bare feet in the grass!

  108. I'm looking forward to spring for the warmer weather so me and the hubbz can go to Disneyland every weekend!

    I love love Lisa Leonard's "be still" necklace! A very good reminder to take a break from the busyness of life and just "be still and know that He is God"...

  109. I am most looking forward to moving out of our tiny apartment and into our new warehouse live/work space. Finally the kids will have a space all their own, my husband will have a great location for his print shop, and I get my own studio for craftiness!

    My favorite out of the sponsors is Warm Sugar's lil' custom pirate dolly. I ordered one for my newest pirate matey, Zola Olive, who turns five weeks old tomorrow!

  110. Spring... I am most looking forward to playing in the garden.

    And I love Lisa's spoons.

  111. Oh spring. good grief. i love my sister's field in tennessee by her house. and the flowers start to bloom and we run around outside barefoot and play on the porches we played on as kids because she lives in the house my great grandaddy built. and this spring, for my birthday, my sister will have my very first niece. and of all the beautiful years i have waited for spring, that makes this one even more special.

    and misha lulu has been one of my very favorite brands for a few years now. and i am thrilled to follow their lovely blog. and i love every piece they make and can't wait to buy spring pieces. and the love and pure warm that comes from their beautiful things reflects the good hearts that make them.

    Yay Spring!

  112. I'm most looking forward to being able to wear dresses again!

    as for your sponsors, I love the Butterscotch Bangle from orange poppy jewelry!

  113. Hi Ruby,
    For spring, I look forward to celebrating my little girl, Meela's, 5th birthday. Five means she can do 5x more than she was able to last year...dance, sing, cook, plant, etc... How quickly children grow up!
    My fav from your sponsors is Misha Lulu's pink overall dress from Misha Land 2. It's Meela's fav color and she would look adorable in it!

  114. I am looking forward to jumping in the puddles witih my kids. I love HiijKids. The Promises Wall art is my absolute fave!Great giveaway!

  115. 1. My little one (three months old yesterday!) getting to feel grass for the first time, on her hands- bum and toesies. I am so excited for this!
    2. The Tea Time Dress from HijKids...it is so perfect and would be a great picnic dress for my little lady baby.

  116. Looking forward to sunshine, green grass, and walks in the flowers!

    Love the Verta Rae Scarf with Crochet Trim from Hijkids.

  117. 1. i'm looking forward to it being warm enough for walks in the park with my baby.
    2. i'm loving the dolls by warm sugar and all the necklaces on lisa leonard's site... i would love one with my daughter's name on it.


  118. I am most looking forward to a newly remodeled back yard, equipped with a shaded outdoor living room (sort of) and a fully fenced yard to keep the kiddo in. ;)

    and i LOVE orangepoppy's hazel ruffle necklace...all her stuff is beautiful and i'm NOT biased, even though we are related ;)

    thank you for doing this, i hope i win!!

  119. Longer days (more sunshine), no jacket...

    I love the Verta Rae scarf from Hijkids.

    Thanks for the giveaway!


  120. Hi Ruby! I am looking forward to the weather- the clear blue sky, the green scenery, the bright flowers... Spring is my favorite season.

    I really love the bluebird necklace from Orangepoppy!

    I hope I win this giveaway because I was really looking forward to winning your last polaroid giveaway, but I didn't get it. Thank you for the opportunity to win a polaroid camera

  121. This comment has been removed by the author.

  122. i look forward to spring break when i co-lead a team of college students to the philippines for a missions trip in metro manila and surrounding barrios. i'm in chicago - so def. looking forward to warmer weather in the philippines...AND esp. here in chicago!

    my ultra fave item are the bangles in orangepoppy's shop.


  123. oh oh oh,

    1. so looking forward to wearing some effortless dresses and walking around the farmer's market and buying fresh vegetables.

    Lord willing, i'll also be looking forward to my first wedding season as a cake decorator!

    2. i can't decide between posy by warm sugar or the bluebell ruffle necklace from orange poppy.

  124. The most exciting thing about the spring is finally being able to wear sandals! I'm tired of wearing boots and sneakers that cramp my poor toes ):

    I love the Penelope Ruffle necklace from Orangepoppy (:

  125. I love seeing the first daffidol in the garden and seeing newborn lambs running around the paddocks.

    I love the custom made dolls from Warm Sugar - I want one for me!

  126. Oh, you are such a sweet girl for sharing the Polaroid love. Please. May I. Tomorrow in Australia will be the first day of Fall/Autumn. I look forward to snapping some new Polaroid shots of the falling leaves thanks to you. Fingers crossed. I love Hijkids, they carry such cute stuff for little ones. xo.

  127. While autumn is my favorite season, my mom is head over heels in love with spring. It's when she dutifully brings her camera with her on her morning walks to take literally hundreds of extremely-close up pictures of flowers, even the rather plain ones that grow from weeds.

    I'm from California (you are too, right?) and she's already takin' on the spring spirit full force. For example, I told her today, "When I graduate college and start working I'm going to spoil you rotten!" to which she replied, "I don't want to be rotten--I want you to help me blooooom!" She's as cute in real life as she sounds, and I guess you could say she's my favorite thing about spring.

    (Lisa Leonard's thin sterling cuff is so simple and beautiful. I love it!)

    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity :)

  128. What I look forward to in spring is anything that my beau and I do together, because whatever is with him is just ten times better!

    And I love everything at Orangepoppy!! My favorites would be the Green Tea necklace, Grey Rose bangle, or Mint Green ruffle necklace. So pretty!

    And I've been really wishing for a polaroid camera, and have been hoping to get one this summer (if I don't win ;).


  129. hello! i am so looking forward to spring and being able to walk around london without a big heavy coat- and maybe see a bit of sunshine! i love lisa leanard's big ring shaped pendant and i would have the word true put on it- as i'm focusing on truing myself to jesus' example!

  130. such an awesome giveaway!! I LOVE cameras, but I don't have a Polaroid, so this is right up my alley.
    - I'm so excited about the buds on the trees and the spring flowers to come up.

    - I absolutely LOVE Lisa Leonard's "Fly Free" necklace. She has sooooo many beautiful designs, but this is my favorite item!

  131. I am most looking forward to having baby #2 in the spring!! And I am in love with the ruffle necklaces on Orangepoppy! So pretty!!


  132. hello! polaroids are one of my favorite memory catchers there's just something about a tangible photograph that this digital age can't erase. and instant gratification to boot! this is a great giveaway.
    anyways, i found this little gem on lisaleonard's site: http://www.lisaleonardonline.com/men-s-jewelry/leather-cuff.html
    and i think i may order it for my boyfriend's birthday! it's hard enough for him to wear (although I just might borrow it)and i love that you can customize it. now deciding what 14-letter word he'd like best...
    happy sunday!

  133. I just had a baby in January so I am looking forward to taking my baby girl to the park eveyrday in the Spring!

    Brown Sugar Dress is my fave item from Misha Lulu's shop site. It is too adorable. In fact, I am going to get one for my baby girl.


  134. I'm looking forward to seeing and hearing the birds again! And I love Lisa Leonard's "Fly Free Necklace." Thanks for the giveaway!

  135. What a great giveaway item! I'm excited about this one!

    I really love the pirate babies from Warm Sugar- so cute!

    I'm looking forward to spring because I'm tired of snow and freezing my butt off! hehe

  136. hi ruby,

    I am looking forward to warmer weather so that I can take my girls to the park.

    Oh, so many lovely things to choose from, but I would have to say my favorite is a custom posy doll from warm sugar.

    thank you!

  137. Oh spring! I'm excited to be outside more, to try my hand at gardening and watch everything bloom. We've had such a warm winter in the northwest that spring is here! I love love love the love fairy at warm sugar. And orange poppy's green tea necklace!

  138. Pirate dolls by Warm Sugar = Love Love Love!

    I am looking forward to all the smells of spring. With the world covered up in snow, the outside doesn't really have a scent. The snow traps it in! I am looking toward to the snow melting so I can smell the grass and the mud it has left behind.

  139. - Considering I live in Canada and it's been -40 this winter (yikes!) I am so giddy that soon I will be able to wear all of my favorite dresses because nothing makes me happier then being able to wear a cutesy dress for my man (and myself!).

    - The itty bitty hearts necklace by Lisa Leonard. Simplicity is sweet.

  140. This spring, I'm looking forward to getting myself a cute maternity bathing suit so I can splash around and run through the sprinkler with my cute 2 year old son. I love Orange Poppy's butterscotch bangle. I could wear it everyday :)


  141. I'm soooo ready for spring, and am looking forward to packing away my boots and coats and breaking out dresses and sandals! I really like the ruffle necklaces from Orange Poppy... they would be cute for spring, too! :)

  142. I love the grey bangle on Orangepoppy - the one with the rose cabochon.

    This Spring I am looking forward to my first Mother's Day!

    Charlotte xx


  143. Awesome giveaway! I am most looking forward to taking my new cruiser out for springtime rides! (a valentine's day gift from the hubs!) I am LOVING the Lilypad Statement necklace from Orangepoppy! Matches my bike! :)

  144. I am looking forward to wearing shorts, skirts, dresses and rolling my windows down when I drive. It is a bit tiring wearing jeans and a jacket all the time to fight the bitter cold.

    I love all of the jewelry from Lisa Leonard, especially the custom jewelry to add a personalized touch. :)

  145. We have had a bad winter here, lots and lots of snow. Spring can not come soon enough.

    I am looking fowrard to getting the kids outside to play (four of them), getting out in the garden, our csa starting, and being able to start running outside again.

    I love the Paxton doll from Warm Sugar. My yougest son has the car shirt that it is wearing. Really it is hard to pick one thing, her whole shop is amazing.

    Thanks for the contest.

  146. Oh I want to win so bad!!!
    I love your blog...you have such a beautiful life!
    My favortie sponser has to be warm sugar. I have three girl too...(and a baby boy...don't give up!) anf they would all adore a little doll like those! My favorite is the Pssy doll...the one with Brown hair looks like my 6 year old...I would just need another with white/blonde hair and a sandy blonde one!!!
    This give-away comes at a great time!!! By birthday is this week...and I would love to hear I win!!! He he he!!!
    Thanks, Kim Matthews

  147. looking forward to Spring dresses and picnics in Central Park.

    Love the Belle Ruffle Necklace from Orangepoppy

  148. I have been wanting a polaroid for so long. I should probably just buy one, but hopefully I can get one this way...thanks for the giveaway! I live in a snowy place, so spring is always welcome to brighten things up. Also, I love the warm sugar dolls, especially the baby pirates...so unique!

  149. I ADORE the pink petal ruffle necklack from Orangpoppy. I want to buy it. Too bad I'm in college and can hardly afford food lol. My favorite part of springtime is wearing dresses every day :)


  150. I am most looking forward to skirts, yogurt, and running alongside the river this spring!

    I love the butterscotch bangle by orange poppy...such a cute little detail for a springtime outfit.

  151. I love Lisa's dewdrop necklace! I am SO looking forward to more sunshine to keep taking photos on my new camera!

  152. I am looking forward to spring break! After so much school and lots of paper writing, a break to breathe would be lovely.

    I adore Warm Sugar's Simone doll. It's adorably sweet.

  153. I am looking forward to spring tulips in every colour, and decorating my apartment with lovely bunches of them.

    I love the Posy dolls from Warm Sugar!! I am interested in making dolls myself so I love seeing what others are up to.

  154. Ooh, I love giveaways! I'm a new reader of your blog :)
    I am really looking forward to being able to wear all my skirts again once warm spring weather finally arrives. I'm getting tired of jeans and slacks and cold legs.
    My favorite item at Orangepoppy is the midnight ruffle necklace. What a great pop of bright blue!

  155. Great giveaway - I am looking forward to spring, but the next season for us is autumn (being on the other side of the world). I love the cooler weather in spring (not too hot or cold) and the beautiful flowers!

    I loooove Warm Sugar's dolls!!

  156. since it will be Autumn here in Australia (as opposed to spring) i will say that what i am looking forward to the most about Autumn...wearing tights! they are my absolute favourite piece of clothing.

    i adore Lisa Leonard. On my wishlist now: 'from up here' necklace. oh, be still my heart.

    i am so excited for spring! popsicles and spring dresses!
    and i adore orange poppy!!
    i love the grey rose bangle!!

    crossing my fingers!!

  158. I'm looking forward to sunshine this spring! And not having to wear a jacket. And sunsets at the beach.
    My favourite sponsor of yours is most definitely Orangepoppy.

  159. I'm really looking forward to see people smiling in Spring. The reason for that is that in Ireland winter is quite depressing and spring is the time of year when moods change, people smile and the air smells sweet from the blooming flowers...

    Oh my god, I love love love the girl Fairy from WarmSugar. It's the CUTEST THING in the world. :)

  160. I'm looking forward to light jackets and cardigans and campfires.

    Lisa's illuminate necklace!

  161. oh my, orangepoppy's bluebell necklace is divine! what an awesome giveaway...yummm yummmmmm!!

  162. I loved the pink petal ruffle necklace by orangepoppy, to go with a fresh and floral dress in my very special 25th birthday that I am looking forward to since it is exactly 2 days after spring officially begins.

    Vivement le Printemps!!!!

    lovely giveaway!!!!

  163. 1. I'm looking forward to sunny days which will bring me some more energy that I really need and will make me happier (I'm that kind of weather-dependent person :D). And I'm also looking forward to my very first scrapbook class :)

    2. I love Lisa Leonards necklaces. My favourite is the 'Be Still' one with that cute bird!

    Thank you for the chance to participate in this awesome giveaway!!!

  164. 1. I am so looking forward to seeing flowers in bloom and all that color.
    2. Hard to pick one fave from all the wonderful items I saw but I have to say the "be still necklace" from Lisa Leonard is top on my list.
    Thanks for a chance to win. Love instant film :)

  165. Ohhh... I adore Lisa Leonard's "jumble of charms", simply divine. xx

  166. I'm Elisa from Spain.
    I absolutely love the Paxton doll from Warm Sugar!
    And I absolutely yor blog.


  167. hello,
    what i am most looking forward to is warmer weather i am looking forward to wearing prettty dresses.

    i love the warm sugars pirate baby dolls they are super cute and i am totally considering getting one


  168. Hi there!
    I live all the way in the Philippines and we don't exactly have spring here so i'm not sure if i'm qualified to comment, but then again it doesn't hurt to try right?
    This coming April me and my family are going to Hong Kong! It's my first time out of the country and i can't wait for that :D
    My favorite out of all your sponsors would have to be Warmsugar and their Miranda custom made dolls! Super adorable!

  169. i am looking forward for all the snow to melt and see green again.
    and i realy like the warm sugar Pirate Baby Custom Made dolls i love the heart eye patch! i swoon for a heart eye patch

  170. i'm looking forward to the nice weather so that i can get my kids out of the house! The are just itching to be outside.... and i really love the Willa dress by HIJKids,

  171. Hello im kelsey !

    What i am most looking foward to about spring is that my boyfriend promised me what we would have a picnic...in the middle of the street in the middle of spring! :) im so excited and cant wait, its part of a list i have going of things i want to do in different seasons.

    hope i win this great giveaway, ive been wanting a good polaroid lately but am not able to find one!
    love your blog

    orangepoppy , i love ALL her ruffled necklaces. im going to buy one off her for my mom this weekend! there so different and beautiful.

  172. I'm looking forward to Spring's perfect combination of cool air and warm, warm sunshine!

  173. This winter has been especially snowy and cold for those of us in Iowa, and I'm looking forward to the big melt, seeing grass, witnessing new life, and of course, meeting our new baby in about 6 weeks.

    Hijkids has many adorable things! I love the little owl toy. How cute!

  174. I LOVE Simone from Lisa Leonard!

    I'm looking forward to my birthday, nice weather, and pretty flowers :)

  175. I can't wait to wear pretty floral dresses this Spring! And I love these little dolls from Warm Sugar:


    They remind me of the Lost Boys from Peter Pan!

  176. yay!
    I cannot wait for spring! The warmer weather will uncover us from all this snow, and I can't wait to wake up with the sun and birds chirping. Speaking of birds...
    I love all of lisa leonard designs but I absolutely adore the "from up here" necklace. so delicate and unique!

  177. You've pretty much made me fall in love with the Misha Lulu line, and the Spring line is absolutely lovely. If money was not subjective, I would buy the entire Spring season.

  178. 1. I am looking forward to not having to bundle up the little ones! Can't wait to see some skin!!

    2. Verta Rae Scarf with Embroidered Flowers on HIJKids...cute!

  179. oh my gosh i love mishalulu's little kid clothes.... especially the mod dot jumper. SO cute i can't stand it. i don't even have kids yet but i was tempted to buy it and save it anyways haha


  180. 1. I'm mostly looking forward to Spring Weather and Fashion! I just love walking to the park with no shoes! And painting my nails pretty light pink <3

    2. I LOVE "Simone" from Warm Sugar! SO adorable (:

    p.s I love your blog!

  181. I can't wait for the spring to bring some sunny days with dazzling blue skies so I can try out my brand new (used) baby HOLGA!

    I plan to teach in South Korea in the summer and want to brush up my photog skills so I can capture the magical culture out there!

    I would happily wear anything from Lisa Leonard - especially the Fly Free necklace :)


  182. I am most looking forward to the warm sun on my face!!!

    I absolutely LOVE the Penelope Ruffle Necklace at Orangepoppy!!!

  183. I am most looking foward to see the flowers and the blue sky... It makes me just want to wear cute and pastel dresses! Even though where I live there isn't quite a Spring!

    And I looove the Fly Free Necklace, from lisa leonard designs!

    Not as much as I love your blog :)


  184. Let's see -
    spring - not having to bundle up!
    sponsor - the orange print form misha lulu - lovely!

    thanks!! :)

  185. I am most looking forward to the feeling of the warm sun on my shoulders and the smell of flowers on the breeze. I love spring!

    My favorite item is the heart strings necklace on Lisa Leonard Designs.

  186. I can't wait to see the sun again for an extended period of time this spring! ... And the fruit trees blooming, and the birds chirping, and most of all, the end of the schoolyear when I get my grad student husband all to myself again. Hooray for spring!

    And Lisa Leonard's charming etched bird designs, and the "Love" Banner necklace, would be a wonderful addition to my spring wardrobe.

  187. 1. being able to wear cute dresses again!!!
    2. the pirate babies from Warm Sugar

    Thanks so much for the giveaway. I hope who ever wins this enjoys the camera!

  188. Hi!
    1- I am still in summer, but for next spring I am really really looking forward for my baby.
    2-I love the Devo Or Summer Doll Custom Made from warm sugar
    Thank you!!!

  189. 1. I looking forward to starting my seedlings in the next couple of weeks! Can't wait to get back in the garden!

    2. I LOOOVE the Green Tea Statement Necklance from Orangepoppy!!

    Thanks! great giveaway!

  190. wearing spring dresses and seeing everything bloom.

    ohh and i'd love a lisa leonard necklace

  191. I live close to Toronto, Ontario, so it's pretty cold here right now. This Spring I am most looking forward to being outside more and not having to bundle up as much.

    My favorite item from your sponsors is the Willa Dress by Neige on the HijKids website. It's absolutely adorable and what I can't wait to dress my daughter in once the warm weather hits!

  192. Spring means one very specific thing to me: FARMER'S MARKET! I love going to the farmers market and spring is the perfect time to do just that. And the Grey Rose Bangle from Orange Poppy would be the perfect market accessory!

  193. My favorite thing about spring is the smell of melting snow. This is my first winter living "up north" since I was young and I'm really looking forward to getting a spring that feels the way I remember it.
    My favorite thing was the Squirrel onesie on Misha Lulu...if only I had a little one to put it on!

  194. oh, my goodness! this is like a dream come true! when i was a freshman in high school my dad gave me a polaroid camera for christmas and it was my pride and joy. sometime after i left for college it got given away :( oh, to have the glory of instant film again...

    1. this spring i am looking forward to all the new goodies at the farmers market. the new produce, the spring flowers, heading down there in a skirt and flip flops... hurray for spring!
    2. from your sponsors, i just might actually be getting my little lulu the peasant dress in sunset birds from hijkids and the summer doll with long yellow pigtails from warm sugar. (but if i was being selfish and wanted to buy something for me i would definitely get the vintage lady bracelet from orangepoppy).

    thank you for such a lovely giveaway!

  195. North Wyoming has been taunting us with spring weather. I love the fresh smell of dirt when getting the garden ready for planting in the springtime. I'm looking forward to learning what grows well in WY.

    I love all of your sponsors, but I suppose the one that made my crafty side smile was the "Sleepy Smiley Lion Floral Pillow" from HijKids. It made me want to be a kid again so I could cuddle with it!

  196. I am most looking forward to taking my little boy to the park this spring and watching him learn to walk!

    I love the Boy Bear in Blue from Hijikids. Every little boy needs a teddy bear right?

  197. I'm looking forward to being able to spend time outside in the spring (cold and wintry here MA)! I love Warm Sugar's Simone doll!

  198. I am looking forward to Spring for the floral dresses and ballet flats & cardigans. I am done with bulky sweaters & wool coats. My favorite sponsor on your site is Lisa Leonard designs. She has such one of a kind designs that I love, especially the sweetheart tree necklace.

  199. Hi!

    I am most looking forward to watching the crocuses grow in the park behind our house and watching my long-legged greyhound tiptoe in between them pretending she's smelling them!

    My favourite item is WarmSugar's Priate Babies!! Too cute for school - I'd love to be a pirate as cool as they are!

  200. I am most looking forward to visiting the beach & the forest, which are right near my house. I have a habit of putting on little dresses much too early in the year, & running around taking photos in the sunshine!

    My favourite item is Lisa Leonard's Fly Free necklace! There's something about antique bird cages I can't get enough of.

    (chocolatefrog at gmail.com if you need it!)

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