November 20, 2009

rockin' mommy day '09

Every year, Ben and the girls try to give me a "Rockin' Mommy Day." Ben believes birthdays and holidays should not be the only days to show appreciation, so he came up with "Rockin' Mommy Day." I never know when or how this day will come, but when it comes, it definitely rocks!

So on Sunday, I stayed home from church because Brave was a bit under the weather and we didn't want to get any other kids sick. Well, True and Ben came home from church and immediately True had a message and a rock for me. True said, "You rock Mama!" With my past "Rockin' Mommy Days," the note is accompanied with a tiny little rock to remind me that I rock. It really is all too clever.

The note had the lyrics to Michael Jackson's song "Rock With You" and the line, "DON'T TRY TO FIGHT IT, THERE AIN'T NOTHING THAT YOU CAN DO" was highlighted. This was my clue to the first surprise.
you rock mama!
Ben hurriedly told me that we need to leave the house now. Good thing I was dressed! I didn't know where we were going. I kinda freaked out as Brave was not dressed and we left the house without any shoes for the girls, so I thought what on earth was going on!

We drove a bit when Ben exited and was making his way to Glen Ivy. It finally clicked. My husband was dropping me off at the beautiful Glen Ivy Hot Springs Spa. They bid me farewell and informed me of all my appointments and that they would see me later. I was so excited! I had never been pampered like this before. My first appointment was a pedicure, which was kinda funny as I was just complaining to Ben about my feet the day before.
serene and peacefulmy day at the spa
The pedicure was so relaxing and I was loving every moment. My next appointment, which was a pregnancy massage, was not for another 30 minutes, so I grabbed a yummy sandwich and lounged by the pool. It was so nice to enjoy some peace and quiet. After snapping pictures and enjoying the time, I moseyed on back to the salon and checked in for my appointment.
As I was waiting, I heard someone call my name and I looked up... it was my best friend Linda. I was so shocked! It was funny cause I was gonna call her while I was eating to tell her what Ben did, but I didn't see anyone on a phone, so I thought it was not allowed. Well, it turns out my husband thought I might want some company, so he arranged for Lin and I to hang out and get massages together! Dang. Ben really thinks of everything.

Well, Lin and I chatted during the first half of our massage and then I think we almost fell asleep during the second half cause we were so relaxed. Then, they nudged us it was over, we didn't want it to be. I think we were in denial. The massage was so wonderful and I (and Linda) wished it went on forever.
after our massage
Now, I was getting the plan, not only was Lin there for some company, but she was also my ride home. I knew something was not quite ready wherever I was to be next, as she suddenly wanted to stop at a nearby farmers market and get some roasted corn. I kept bugging her that she was stalling and that Ben needed more time or something. Thus, we got corn and even made a stop at Anthropologie. Seriously, I was wondering what was going on that Ben needed that much more time. Linda then handed me my next note and rock...


Seriously, I was a bit confused and intrigued.
rockin' mommy day card
Finally, we made our way back to my house. She had instructions for me... I was to go through the front door and just sit on the blue couch and that is just what I did. Mind you, it was pitch black in my house and I sat there on the blue couch in the dark, all I could make out were these words written on the black paper, which covered the entire wall.
this is the first thing i saw
After about 5 minutes of waiting, I see little shadows with round heads stroll in and some music start playing. I started laughing hilariously once I realized what was going on! It was Michael Jackson's "Rock with You" song, which was the song written on my rockin' notes. My Ben and girls decided to celebrate "Rockin' Mommy Day" by recreating Michael Jackson's video. There was even a spotlight from the ceiling and a green strobe light behind them as they danced. Even the girls were totally into it as they were shaking booty and pointing the finger in their little dance.
getting the show started
Mid-song, when the song sang "And we can ride the boogie." Ben said, "Who is 'Boogie' girls?" Then, he left the room and came back carrying the rocker that I had been wanting and they aptly named the rocker, "Boogie." I screamed in excitement and they all kept dancing along.
their performanceboogie downrockin' outtheir bootsrock with youthe three frosrockin' kidsmichael jackson is alive! she rocks! do you feel that beat?
Of course, I couldn't just sit there nor did they intend for me to, so they handed me another note and rock, which called me to boogie on down with them.


So I let the rhythm get in, danced to a medley of Michael Jackson songs (even got to wear my very own special Michael Jackson wig!) and rode "Boogie" too.
ridin' boogie
My husband is just so clever. He really would say he is not crafty or creative, but he really is just super humble, but come on! He bought black shirts and leggings, took double stick tape, laid stripes down on the black outfits using the double stick tape, then sprinkled silver glitter on top. Oh! I can't fail to mention the silver boots that he spray painted and glitter-fied too! He even completed them all with some 'fros. It looks pretty darn close to Michael Jackson's outfit. Gosh... I am so blessed to have my Ben.

The rest of the evening consisted of picking up some yummy Japanese food I was craving and we had a picnic inside of our house. It was perfect.

The next evening, I had another surprise. Brave handed me another rock with a note that highlighted, "RELAX YOUR MIND, LAY BACK AND GROOVE WITH US... SHARE THAT BEAT OF SOUL." The surprise was that the four of us were going to create a family-made piece of art to welcome the new baby.
she told me i rock!
my rock
Although the Michael Jackson trio had been feeling under the weather, we had fun working together to create a masterpiece for the newest addition to our family.
coloring for babyfinished product
The end result is A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E as everyone had their own little corner and space that we worked on and drew and colored for baby. It definitely was a labor of love and something I hope baby will cherish when she gets older. It is framed and ready to go in the baby's room, once she gets a room, but for now, it will be in our room as that is where babycakies will stay in the mean time.

I feel absolutely blessed to have been showered with this much love and surprises. I love being Ben's wife and True and Brave's mom. It really is so wonderful. It humbles me so much that they think I am so wonderful to deserve this because I know all my shortcomings and failures and it is only by God's grace that I am able to go through each day as a wife and mother.

I know it may seem like this fantasy life with a doting husband and well-behaved children who like to craft all day long, but really, we do fight and there is even yelling in our house. Ben and I are both sinners who are struggling and trying to trust God everyday in the roles God has given us. It isn't easy and there is no way we could do this on our own. Most of the time we fail, which makes us even more thankful for the cross. Thank you Lord!

It was definitely a most happy "Rockin' Mommy Day!" My Benny and my girls rock!!!

Can see a bit more pictures here...


  1. you live in a magical dream. i hope you realize that...

    sooooo adorable.

  2. This is so wonderful! I'm glad you could have a relaxing day and special time with your creative family. Their effort really shows how much they love you! (and how much fun you all have together making and thinking of things) Thanks for sharing =) And, the family photos were stunning. (I was saying to my sister, 'who has legs like that when they're pregnant? I'm 18 and fit and I don't!')Your blog is a blessing. Praise God for His grace!

    with love,

  3. What a sweet family you are. Truly His Banner over you is LOVE!

  4. your life is like a fairy tale seriously! my husband didnt even get me birthday or mothers days presents or a card!! lol your ben is PRINCE CHARMING !!! so awesome!!!!

  5. What a wonderful loving family you all are together. This little baby is blessed to come and belong with you all. x

  6. Wow,your family really knows how to show you their love....what memories to cherish forever & your husband is showing the girls what a great husband should be like & so the girls will have high standards.I think just one rockin mom day would make up for any arguing b/c this is so fabulous.No mom could not feel loved by what your family does for you.I really enjoy how you both show your beautiful daughters how a family should be & show their love & respect for each other.I have a feeling the fun will never end with you guys...I picture the girls as teens doing some pretty awesome stuff for you & your husband...more fun to look forward to. :) I hope you never stop blogging b/c your blog makes my day!

  7. You guys have to be THE MOST adorable family on the planet! God has truly blessed you all and it's such a wonderful sight to see! =)

  8. OH WOW!! I LOVE this idea~!~ What an awesome husband and family you are!!!
    Sarah M

  9. Wow. Where did you find that guy, and can I please get one?

    God REALLY shined the day he paired the two of you together. That husband of yours really pays attention to your needs and your soul. I know you're grateful - we can tell!

    And we're all so happy for you!

    Good for him being so creative and mostly for teaching your children how important you are and how important it is to do something wonderful for someone!

    Love it.

  10. best.husband.ever.

    i told my fiance he needs to dress up for me more often ;)

  11. this is quite possibly the sweetest thing i've ever seen! you have a wonderful husband, and beautiful children. I can't wait to see the new little one!

    happy rockin' mama day!

  12. you are truly blessed little lady.

  13. amazing. you are a very lucky girl, and i think you already know that! i laughed so hard when i saw the three of them dressed up all Michael Jackson style! what a fun little family! love it!

  14. what a great way to show their appreciation for you! and yes, your husband is a creative fellow! I think I'm still in awe over the outfits. They rocked!

  15. Yes, dang, he really DOES think of everything!

    mrs boo rad

  16. You are REALLY blessed to have a husband and children that do this for you. I'm sure they love you a lot :)

  17. how awesome is that?! what a fun family and your husband is putting other husbands to shame. that's a tough act to follow. i did forward this post to my hubby and we'll see if he gets the hint. :)

  18. this is absolutley the cutest thing i have ever seen! i laughed outloud when i saw the photos of your husband and daughter dressed as michael! what a blessed life you lead!

  19. I didn't know men like him existed! Make sure you let him read these comments because he is a rare and lovely being!!! Wow. I am jealous. But, I love what I have too. But, I want thos outfits. So clever. 1,000 cool points for Benny!

  20. Wow - you must be one super awesome mama! Thanks for sharing this. Your husband is so thoughtful and creative!

  21. i am so in love with your lil' family. & you. & your girls. & jesus that shines through you guys :) oh, & that cute round belly of yours.

    thank you for this. just about made my day! xo.

  22. oh my... what a happy family you have!! great job ben! he is creative. thank you for sharing! and love "boogie"... i got a white one for our baby... coming in 4 weeks!

  23. This just made my day! Your family is just too darn adorable! And I am officially jealous. hahaha!
    (this also reminds me, I still have a Glen Ivy gift card to use...hmmmm)

  24. So special! I love how creative, loving, and REAL your family is. Truly inspiring. Thank you so much for sharing!! Enjoy your weekend :)

  25. wow ~ you are so very lucky to have such a wonderful family! i especially love the photos of the three rocking out to MJ, teehee!

  26. oh. my. goodness.
    can't stop looking at this.
    love you sister.
    off to errands, away i go!


    [fave] lil sibling,

  27. OMG, PJ was laughing and I asked him what are yo laughing at, he said Ruby's rockin mommy day, he said he'll show me. I later saw it and was laughing too! Hilarious and very cute, and thoughtful. Hive five to Ben and the cutie girls :)

  28. I don't even know what to say. Your husband and entire family are simply amazing. Thank you for sharing your ROCK'N day with us!

  29. Wow, how completely awesome. My husband sent me to a spa once, and then planned an overnight trip to the beach. It was amazing, so I know how wonderful this must have been! Thanks for letting us enjoy it vicariously through your post & awesome pictures. And the MJ outfits are strokes of GENIUS!! And the performance is completely adorable.

    Life with toddlers/littles can be such a challenge, but how fun are they? Thanks for the "disclaimer" at the end... thank God for all he helps us with. Sometimes I feel like such a failure, but I know He doesn't see me that way... so thankful for God & my family and grace!

  30. that is so hilariously cute! what a great family and a wonderful rockin mommy day!

  31. Wow you have a "ROCKIN" family! Pray that your delivery goes well! Love your blog sooo encouraging and fun!

  32. wow!
    i'm so envious and so pleased that you are so lucky.

    love the rocking chair gift on rockin' mommy day. (we have 3!)

    keep well and best best best to you,
    ps hope your treasures arrive soon!

  33. Wow. I can't imagine that Benny doesn't think he's creative. This is amazing. Love the glitzy costumes.

  34. absolutely amazing. loved it all.

  35. That is so amazing! What a wonderful husband, And what a fun day! The MJ costumes ruled. I love it all!

  36. what a truly beautiful idea. You must be so proud, your family is just gorgeous!

  37. Oh, Ruby!
    I so love your blog!

    Your posts always makes my heart smile, as I read I can feel all the love in your family!

    GOD BLESS you all!

    My baby Lilla is almost 3 months now, for this past months I could hardly do anything but give her all my attention... So my poor blog and blog friends didn't hear form me for a while...
    This little girl of mine really likes cuddling and I'm in love, with her and with mothering her! ^^

    I send you and your family all our love! Specially to little cakie number 3! (when is she due?)

    kisses from Brazil!!

  38. Thank you so much for sharing your triumphs as well as your struggles. I am really impressed with the simplicity and grace with which you witness to God's greatness. It is really inspiring to see how He really informs your life in a practical and tangible way, and I am grateful for the ease with which you share your faith.


  39. you have the most AMAZING husband!!! this was one of my best birthday presents, looking at pix of how he and those awesome kids rocked out for mommy!!!!

  40. Oh My - what a sweet husband you have. What a great special day he planned for you, you lucky gal!

  41. Hot damn! I cannot believe the things you do as a family. I think Ben is amazing because, and I hate to say this, he is afterall a man. I don't think you should write posts like this anymore or we'll all be turning up at your house to take him home with us!

    Seriously, you deserve everything good that comes your way. And the bit at the end, the honest bit, that makes you guys even more loveable.

    Can't wait to welcome in baby girl 3! Thinking of you from NZ,
    Catherine, Lucy and Audrey xx

  42. Oh, I forgot to say, I am so getting the family together to make one of those colaborative drawings. The most brilliant of ideas.

  43. You have the best family. I'm so happy for you all!

  44. i stumbled over to your blog from smile and wave and what a treat! what a sweet little family and thoughtful husband. i love rockin mommy day!

  45. Your family is adorable...such a cute idea-you Rockin' Mommy. :)

  46. Awwww! Cute! Sweet! Great 'fros!

    Happy Rockin' Mommy Day!

  47. Oh my goodness! Does Ben teach other husbands? How amazing is he!?!?

    You are so a Rockin' Mom. xx

  48. Absolutely wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I even made my boyfriend read this post! I know, I'm so subtle.

  49. This is the first time I've read your blog! I LOVE your cute family! I love love reading about families that put God and love first. We're expecting our first baby in April and I can't wait to raise her in a godly loving environment!
    I'm subscribing to you right now!

  50. AMAZING!!!!!!!!! i am speechless, what a wonderful surprise!

  51. you are so blessed for having a super loving husband and 2 lovely kids. and they know how to show you their love in a very creative and surprising way. ^_^ this is a very sweet post. thanks for sharing! ^_^

  52. This is just fun, what a great husband you have! Very sweet!

  53. This is the most adorable adorable thing I have ever ever read. You are so so lucky to have such an amazing husband and two (soon to be three) wonderful children!


  54. How fun. I am incredibly jealous. First of all, that your husband had the imagination to do all of that is more than impressive. Secondly, your little girls were able to keep all of this a secret from you?! I think mine would have spilled the beans!

  55. hello! I found your blog through Artful Blogging! Nice to meet you :)

  56. I think Carly said it best when she said you live in a magical dream. I know A.P. will never dress up for me and dance around (he's more of an excel spreadsheet maker), but I know it's okay as long as I can continue to read your blog. : O )

  57. this is quite possibly the coolest thing ever. way to go ben.

  58. best post i ever read!!! omg hilarious! he is crafty wow!
    im still laughing!
    thanks for sharing this!

  59. aw...aaw..aaww...

    so sweet... ^o^

    you have an adorable family.
    i can't stop laughing and leave without give any comments..

    can't wait your other story bout your family


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