November 23, 2009

my side

This is where I spent most of my weekend... on my side of the bed. I woke up Friday morning feeling sick and yucky, so I rested for two days. Friday morning the girls and I just laid in bed watching Michael Jackson videos. It was real sweet and fun, even though I wasn't feeling well. Thankfully, Ben was home Saturday, so I was able to get another rest day in. Ben and the girls were sick earlier in the week and seemed to just have a cold that lasted 2 days, so I knew that mine shouldn't linger long and praise God because it didn't. I feel much better now.
my side of the bed
Thursday morning was spent re-arranging our room a bit to make room for the bassinet, that will soon be right next to me and making some room for "Boogie." I very much intend to "ride the boogie" a lot with the new baby, but Brave and True are already having fun riding "Boogie" too. 
a re-arranged new corner
I also love that I now have plants in the room as I think they make such a difference. I think it is sorta refreshing. I really ought to get more to put around the house. 

I am so glad you got such a kick out of my "Rockin' Mommy Day" as it was seriously hilarious and creative to see the show that my three clever ones put on for me. I am pretty spoiled by them!

Today, I am off to check on baby. I really feel her getting lower and I keep hoping that I go into labor. I say, "Let's get this pain over with!" But I must admit, I am kinda a wuss and am not adverse to drugs, that labor pain is just insane. Anyways, I am trying to enjoy my last few days (or weeks) with my two girls, but I know it will be another joy to have three. Oh how my life will find a new normal again very soon...


  1. Plants does make a big difference. I remember the first time I moved into my husband home and there were no plants at all. Now we have plants everywhere inside the house...the bedrooms, office, livingroom, kitchen and etc.

    Your bedroom is soooooo neat.

    Glad you feeling much better and get plenty of rest.

  2. Labour pain is totally insane, but I always tried not to fight it, more just work through it. Of my two births I definitely vote for getting in the shower with a detachable head. It sped things up and really helped me through the contractions. Far better than gas (ick) but isn't it great to know there is pain relif if and when you need it.

    I was just telling a friend about your rockin mummy day. I am still marvelling!

    Best wishes for the short wait! xx

  3. your home is so beautiful everything looks so calming and relaxed!!!! "boogie" is the coolest rocking chair ive seen!!! where is it from?

  4. Hi, wow. I just read your Rockin' Mommy Day and was blown away (not just by the effort and thought your husband put in, or your adorable kids!) but by your last few paragraphs.

    plus the pictures were awesome!

  5. Hope you're feeling better! You need to rest up for the marathon of birth! You can do it naturally if you really want to - you totally totally can!!!! God designed your body to do it and withstand the pain! :) Hope it's a beautiful peaceful experience for you and the babe whenever it happens...days or weeks :).

    OH and I love the artwork the four of you created for the lil' one - it's gorgeous.

  6. Hi again! I love how simple,yet beautiful your room is...especially loving the pic for the new baby. I can't wait to see babycakes #3!Your blog is so inspiring...I want to make crafts,take prettu pics(just bought a Diana mini) & do more fun things with my family.

    I'm sure delivery will go smoothly....I always got nervous right when they told me it was time to go to the hospital, but then it goes away so quickly b/c you get so excited to see the new baby. I can't wait to see new family pics. :) I also have 3 girls & I honestly believe it gets easier when you have more kids...not as tough as some people make it seem.I have 3 girls & so there was a time where I had 3 little ones..ages 4,2 & newborn....I went shopping by myself with them & everything when husband was's not hard....I'm sure True & Brave will love helping'll be sooo much fun!! :)I just know you'll be doing some fun stuff with the new one & make us all want a baby!:)

  7. mrs. adriennek- the chair is a modernica chair and so comfy!

    catherine- oh i wish that i could brave the pain like you!!!


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