October 2, 2009


Finally, a bit of breathing and resting time for mama. There has been so little moments like that this week.

I did get to bake some banana cupcakes (because I was craving it) and I made another batch just for my girls. We call theirs muffins. Plus, theirs was definitely a more healthified version as it was completely whole wheat, I put in 1 egg, used soy milk, and used 75% less sugar than the recipe called for (oh and I didn't give them frosting). I was trying to make it so my "allergic-to-everything-True" could eat it. My True was excited to have some of her own muffins and waited patiently while I could snap a few photos.
Obviously, the muffin didn't last very long until it was obliterated.

Have a happy weekend! I will be back next week like normal. It is just having a baby sister's 18th birthday, which is a big deal in the Filipino culture, and middle sister's 21st birthday back-to-back sure keeps a girl busy! Happy birthday seesters... I love you!!!

I am off to sneak in a nap...


  1. I have a 19 year old sister and a 22 year old sister:)

    They keep me busy too--I love seeing the pictures of your ideas and thoughts...they make me happy.

    <3 Sara Sophia

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  3. beautiful plate! at first i thought it said banana pancakes & then my mind went straight to jack johnson!! : )

  4. Yummy looking muffins. Happy birthdays to your sisters!

  5. where did you get those plates?! they're awsome!

  6. the cupcake looks inviting, the plate is lovely and that little girl is the sweetest of them all! this is what makes me want to be a mom soon!

  7. thank you for the recipe,we love banana muffins, what a beautiful blog!


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