September 30, 2009


I got them before those pesty tomato chompers did.
freshly picked
Just in case you were wondering if I went into early labor... I didn't. Though, my belly looks like I am going into labor soon. It has just been a busy few days. Really busy. I haven't even had time to scan my polaroid for my weekly Polaroid Tuesdays. I will do that soon. Will be back with regular postings (and answering emails) soon. Promise.


  1. Nice capture!

    Hope you have the happiest baby belly in all the land.

  2. whew -- good save. I know what you mean we are constantly attacked by snails. I won't use anything that could possibly be harmful to the kids or the environment which leaves me creeping out in the early morning with a spoon and a bucket of vinegar water...nice, right? What we do for our gardens.

  3. Yay! That's good news. I always love your dishes and tablecloths in pictures. Colorful and happy!

  4. It's much to early for labor keep that little girl in there for a couple more weeks please! ;)

  5. I love living vicariously through your gardening!

    We've only got weeks to go now, girl! Weeks!

  6. Tell your little one to stay put! An baby born at term is much easier!

    As for that tomoto thief, have you tried putting either sand or egg shells or something sharp around the soil at the root? Slugs etc do NOT like walking over such debris (especially salt)...and it saves using horrible sprays.


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