September 1, 2009

polaroid tuesday: week thirty-five

 I love loads of color, but I think you all already know that. 
week thirty-five
Though, lots of color and thread make me exceptionally giddy. 

I am ready to announce the winner of my two year blog-birthday giveaway. Can I have an imaginary drum roll please (ta-ta-ta-ta) and the winner is...

Kristy who said,
"Oh, happy blog-birthday! I was hooked on your blog after I read about Brave and True's sweetly decorated rooms. "the other little haven" is still bookmarked in my inspiration folder. Am becoming a follower right this minute."

Congratulations Kristy!!! I will be sending you an email shortly (or just email me with your address).

Thank you for everyone who entered. I am going to start my "just because" package next week, so be sure to become a follower. I am not sure how to see who subscribes via google reader, so I don't know how to pick that way (any suggestions?). Also, Ben thinks I should give away a polaroid once a month, but then I don't have that many polaroid cameras, so I will definitely be on a lookout for more to share more with you. But I will definitely be doing another polaroid giveaway sometime! Promise. 

Hooray for polaroids!!!


  1. just found your blog through Lake Jane, and LOVE it!

  2. i love color too. i am in the process of making teeny tiny paint tubes out of clay, and am going to paint them in a million different solid colors...then attach them to something neat.

    lucky kristy!!!!

  3. congratulations kristy!

    love the polaroid for this week.

  4. hooray! i hope i get a package too :)

  5. Aaaa! I can't believe it! Lucky lucky me!

    I can't wait to try my hand at making some lovely photos. Thank you so much for sharing your inspiring work (and thanks ever so for the camera and film)!

  6. Your birthday is Nov. 3rd?! WOW!

    I'll see if I can have a chat with Ruby about coming a day early. Because I wouldn't mind that at all!!!

  7. Maybe I should buy a polaroid camera.... I feel like I have to now. I'll ask my new fiance! :)

  8. I have been following your blog for a little while now. I love reading about all the wonderful projects you do. Thank you for writing them all down and showing those wonderful pictures.

    Your blog is an inspiration. My favorite entry was when you described your challenging day at home with all the baby powder in the room.... Your honesty is refreshing!


  9. I'm in such a color mood too!! yeah for Kristy! I love your polaroid photos Rubyellen!!!

  10. Congrats to Kristy!!
    And whoaaa, Ben's idea is being waaayyyy generous! :)


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