August 31, 2009

i have no clever title

The weekend was very good. Though, it seems like it is always good of late. Definitely, always busy and always good. There was lots of BBQ-ing, family, friends, laughing, joking, eating, and lots of heat. Tons of it. I don't really care for the heat. 
sunflowersmason jars

Monday is here and I am beat. Super beat. Dead tired. I have my to-do list ready to get as much done while my mother-in-law is here for just a couple more days, so I will stay busy. 
a to-do list
And seriously, all your comments and emails about my blog is so appreciated and means so much. I think from time to time I struggle with the idea of blogging, as I just write about my life and things I do, and I get afraid that it all seems so self-consumed and self-exalting. I always pray that it wouldn't be so and that Christ remain my focus and I am able encourage others to love Him and see Him more because of it. I don't think that I am the most creative person or best person out there, and I so acknowledge that there are far more wonderfully talented people than me. Plus, God is the one who enables the things that I do. I am just really glad and blessed to be part of this community. Seriously. You all are the best.  

That's my little rant for the day, but just all this to say thank you for all your encouraging comments, especially emails. I will try to reply as soon as I am able. I am really so touched and I wish I could give all of you a hug. Just pretend I am able to.

Now, off to start another busy week...

A few days left of the giveaway and I am so excited that you all are just as excited about my best friend getting married.


  1. I think your struggle is a common one among fellow bloggers. I sometimes sit for hours trying to find something to write...something with meaning. I fear I will be a boring "mommy blogger" assuming that everyone is just as excited about my day as I am. Or am not, depending on the day!

    Ironic, though, because since discovering your beautiful blog through Artful Blogging, I continue to hear it is what you were quoted saying...that everyday...every THING is a reason to CELEBRATE.

    God has His hand in all we say, do, write, and create. THAT is worth celebrating.

    Have a beautiful Monday...

  2. Sometimes little rants are the best. It allows you to speak your mind and be honest. And your little rants are always so sweet - that's why I enjoy reading your blog so much!

  3. What a beautiful post! I sure enjoy your blog and I can just feel of the love you have for life and for your family through it. :)

  4. if ever there were a blog that made me seriously reconsider my agnostic status, it's this one. Don't feel that you are not doing His work, you certainly are.

  5. you are so thoughtfull and have a beautiful mind and heart. We could not live without your blog and creativity, God has made you the best and it is great that you share him with everyone. God is proud Ruby!
    I want to know everything you do so keep it up please!

  6. you're blog was one of the first i found when i got into the whole "blog thang" and i loved it! still do! you remind me to love my husband unconditionally and fully- and your girls are absolutely adorable. i see God's light in your unique vision and i check your site all the time for inspiration- both creative and spiritual.

    don't worry about replying. i just wanted to let you know and say thanks!

  7. just discovered your blog today off of cup of jo. cute site! thanks for sharing :)

  8. I followed your blog for the simplest reason, you are truly inspiring and creative in your own and simplest form, be it in your work or family. Ramblings and rants are perfectly fine as we have one of those days sometimes.

    Take a breather at times and i am sure things will be at its best. I am looking forward for you and your family to welcome girl power no.3!


  9. I love your blog! I even shared about it on my blog!

    I love your honesty and genuine love for your family and for God. That is inspiring to me :)

  10. i love the Mason jars.....that is my favorite out-door look!


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