March 23, 2009

spring dreaming

I day dream about spring shoes, or maybe, I just daydream about shoes in general. Spring is finally here, though not sure if that says very much seeing that I live in southern California and the differentiation between seasons are not that great, but nevertheless color (or is it shoes?) is on my mind. I seriously want these...

I should have a sign that says, "Will work for shoes!" Now, if only those retailers would do a little trading, etsy-style... that would be a dream! Surely, some of them would want some clips or crowns.

To any secret admirers out there (okay, Ben), I love these things. Don't forget I am a size 6, though I think the yellow shoes would fit me. I know, I know (Ben is rolling his eyes as he reads this), you have been more than generous lately. Just thought I would share... you never know.

Happy Monday everyone! 

p.s. care to trade anyone?!!


  1. Those yellow shoes would be cute with the yellow and gray striped shift dress that they also have listed. I do love a colorful pair of shoes with a neutral outfit, though. My favorite is bright pink shoes with a monochromatic ivory outfit or all black.

  2. I really want yellow shoes, too!!! Do you want to see which pair I want? Here they are: Lemon Shoes! :)

  3. chi- those are so cute! i looooove yellow shoes, but i must say those blue cobalt ones are equally adorable! the yellow one someone must have bought today, so i guess i am going to have choice but to oogle over the other 2!

  4. Yellow is definitely my spring color obsession!! These shoes are absolutely lovely!!! Love your blog :)

  5. I've been dreaming about the marais USA ones too!

    only I loved these ones...

  6. I LOVE yellow shoes, too!

    I snagged an adorable pair at Target for only $4.98 on clearance in store just before Valentine's Day!!! But they are still available online (though the pictures don't do them justice AT ALL because seriously, they are amazing shoes) here:

    But my present obsession is teal shoes... Thanks to Emily's Chie Mihara post with those teal shoes that I want so badly but don't come in my size (or price range...). I just found these thanks to your post encouraging shoe shopping:

    Love, Susan :O)

  7. You are too funny. Sorry, I only write which is unfortunately not much good for the bartering circle...

  8. I'm not a sporty kind of girl, but my shoe obsession lately has been in the converse or toms shoes area. . . but the toms I want are yellow!

  9. i found the sweetest yellow shoes & discovered they were a half-size too small after wearing them! hate it when that happens!

  10. hi rubyellen!

    my yellow shoes are a 7.5.
    i'm always up for a trade, too,
    but i'm afraid these are not your size!
    let me know!


  11. aw, we are the same size shoes.

    so i totally used to think clarks was for old ladies, but my roommate recently got her mom a pair of cute ones. and if they're comfortable - im all for them! :) really need some quality shoes.


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