March 20, 2009

makes pretty pictures

Our colored pencils for our family sketchbook were pretty dull, which means they are being used A LOT. I am so glad. True and Brave can sit for long whiles just coloring (and fighting about who gets to color on which page), but mostly coloring.

The task of the day: sharpen them pencils.

When we were done, the shavings were so pretty that I couldn't resist giving them their own photo shoot, there is so much beauty in simple things...
pencil shavings
ready, set, color
The pencils are now ready to go...

See you on Monday!


  1. They are so beautiful! This is one of my favorite posts of the day. I always sketched growing up, I love that you encourage your girls to be creative : )
    Happy Friday!

  2. yea! ive taken pictures of my leftovers also, they DO make great pictures! yours turned out great!

  3. such great pictures!

    and what a great mom to have supplies for them to use.

  4. oh! i've done that before too! it's and unexpected surprise. beauty where you think there wouldn't be:]

  5. these pics make me smile. i love the simple things! xo.

  6. gorgeous pictures! so nice to find beauty in unexpected places...

  7. you make the ordinary look quite lovely!!

  8. Fantastic! You're so right about the mundane being pretty, though I think you have to credit the photographer too :)

  9. sabrina only colors for a bit and then gets for her!!

  10. I hope you are enjoying your weekend! I love your pencil shaving photos!! I can see them framed and displayed!!! It's so great that the girls are drawing so much too!

  11. Have been reading your blog just this morning. Lovely things! You know, when I was a kid we used to wood-glue the shavings from coloured pencils onto paper to make pictures and patterns. So it was a really nostalgic post for me.


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