February 13, 2009

the harts

We decided to make a family...
the making of the Harts

I cut them out and punched the holes, then True drew the faces and gave them limbs...
she can draw faces
I am so amazed that she could draw faces. She starts off with eyes, nose, then mouth, and lastly adds a mustache. After which, she scribbles a little, but I was definitely impressed!

Presenting, the Harts...
the harts

Watch out! Baby Hart tries to steal the O's...
watch out!

Brave's temperature has gone down, but she is still a bit moody, yet very cute. We have been spending more time crafting these days. It is fun, lots of fun. I thank God for giving me these moments.

Love Day is tomorrow, though you should be showing love everyday, and I will be spending it with my loves, the ones who have stolen my heart, and these girls definitely have...
i love her

my other love
How could these faces not have stolen my heart?!! They are irresistible, just like their Papi!

Have a love-ly Valentine's Day!!!


  1. Happy Valentine to you and your cuties, these heart people look so much fun!!

  2. Happy Valentines Day Rubyellen & the rest of those cute Bratchers!!! There is always something fun and creative going on in your house!! Hope Brave is all better asap!!!!
    love, bethany xo

  3. Hey, just wanted to check if you got my email. o.o I sent it yesterday.

  4. Love the little heart people! We've been doing a lot of crafts all week too -- especially today with all the rain. We've already decorated 2 dozen cookies...

  5. happy valentine's day, ruby and fam! hey i wanted you to check out my friend, emily's etsy site. she stiches stuff and she makes these adorable initial necklaces (and earrings) out of vintage typewriter keys! i showed her your blog and she's loves all the vintage stuff cuz she loves vintage stuff too. i think you'd really like her necklaces. oh, and she makes bracelets out of vintage buttons too! so cute! she's lazydaizygirl.

  6. so cute! i hope I can see them and you on Thursday! =)

  7. your little ones are so adorable! i love to read your blogs every time.

  8. Love these little people! These will be a perfect activity for my soon to be 4 year old.

    Nicola @ Twisty Noodle

  9. I love these. I found this link through a preschool activities website. I am going to share this in a post I am writing for Everything Mom. I will link back to here, so people can come here and read how to make these super cute little characters.


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