February 12, 2009

my little picasso

Or should I say my little Picassa?

murky waters
True enjoys painting and drawing so much, but I guess what almost-3-year-old wouldn't?!! I think my True is quite an artist.

Just in case anyone was planning meeting me (and my friend) today at Cafe de Leche, I have to cancel because my Brave is sick. She has a super high fever of 103.7, the doctor said it is just a cold virus, nevertheless please pray for her. I just hate it when one of my little babes is sick! 

That's all for now. Oh wait! I almost forgot to announce the winner of the tweet giveaway! Drumroll please... the winner is (as chosen by the random generator):

Kelly, who wrote...
 "I would love this tweet because first, I adore your work. It's always so simple and sweet, but oh-so-meaningful. So I would love to have a bag from you, it'd be such an honor. And secondly, this bag has a gorgeous print - the pink cherry blossoms are my favorite flowers and the birds just compliment these wonderful blossoms. I would be truly thankful and appreciative if I received this bag. :)"

There were two Kellys, so I had to include the winner's comment to distinguish the correct winner. Kelly, please email me your address.

Thank you to all who entered. It seems everyone is in love with Lisa's designs and everyone deserves lots of tweets (I really wish I had more to give)! Seriously, times like these calls for a tweet every once in awhile. Well, I hope your sweety will give that to you on Saturday!

I can hardly wait for Valentine's Day! I like special days...


  1. She's an artist indeed!

    Congrats to Kelly for winning the tweet give away!! =D

    And BIG get well wishes for little Brave.

    Kisses from Brazil!

  2. beaut painting! Lucy loves to wave a brush around too, and her paintings actually look really good in frames. I put some around the house. And she gets such a buzz out of seeing her artworks hanging up.

    Get well soon, baby cakie. One of the best things I ever bought was a digital ear thermometer. Most of the time it reads normal, but whatever the reading it makes it so easy to take her temp. Maybe she needs a cool flannel, the poor thing.

  3. you always take the best pictures!

    i'll be praying for brave!

    congratulations to kelly!

    pretty colors true!

    ok, that's all.


  4. Sorry to hear about Brave falling ill! =(

    Hubby bought me a sewing machine for Vday!

  5. I am sorry to hear your little one is sick, my daughter just got done with a fever, 4 days, then one fine then 2 more days. It was long and scary as the mom, but it will be over soon. I will pray for you guys, God bless.

  6. I'm sorry I didn't see this post sooner!!! But then, you guys are always in my prayers every day! xo


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