September 8, 2008

city slickers

We were going to the city (we live an hour out in a suburb) and the girls needed something vibrant and funky to blend right in...

I can't help but think about the bold textures, sights and sounds everywhere in the city. Therefore their getups had to have some bold, distinct colors (though the picture doesn't really show the nice reds and yellows)...

Brave's skirt was my version of a skirt done at Elsie Marley, which I love, and hers is much better than mine...

I must say they both looked like two, adorable, city slickers...


  1. You are correct...they are ADORABLE. I just want to reach in the computer and kiss their chubby little cheeks. You and Benny make good babies Ruby.

  2. yes they do! aaw- so cute! love the dresses, i am totally jealous ;]

  3. I love babies dressed in black. Why is it we only put them in pastels?

    It must be the city slicker in me.

  4. I think your skirt is much cuter than elsie's. And your girls are very cute, as always!

  5. I agree that your skirt is wwwaaayyyy cuter than the one you linked to. Did you stitch the skyline on there?

    Both girls looked adorable.

  6. Oh I love Meg's blog Elsie Marley and thank you for the compliments, but I really think hers is much more divine! And have you seen her quilts? So gorgeous!

    Oh and I love babies dressed in black too!! We have so much pastel, that sometimes we need a break!

    I am so excited fall is here because i have a few new ideas to try out!

  7. They're adorable little city slickers!

  8. ruby!
    I love love love the dress and skirt.
    you are too adorable.

  9. I am in love with the lil black city skyline skirt
    it reminds me so much of the adult Trelick skirt from
    see here

    I would love to do something similar for my Iris maybe with the sydney opera house and harbour bridge as the outline hahahaa!
    very unique

    I took my son to the city last week (to visit the aquarium)and he wasnt very keen on the crowds and got a bit panicky by all the people rushing around
    he much prefered the monorail trip although I had the simpsons song Monorail monorail monorail... playing in my head the whole time haahaa
    I dont think his a city boy at all

    your girls look like two chic city gals!

  10. (sorry Elsie your skirt is lovely) but I agree with HH I like the one you did better Ruby I just think the plain black and with white outline makes it stand out more and is more pleasing to the eye :)

  11. OOh I like your skirt in black and white. very cute.

  12. Really I'd rather look at your skirt than the it with red!!

  13. Did you make True's dress as well? I love it -- and would like one for me!


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