July 23, 2008

little treats

We got a special treat in the mail and it was a little unexpected present from True's penpal, Kennedy, but not only did she get something, but Kennedy's mama, Nathalie, sent me something too!!!

Once True opened it (don't mind the unmatching onesie, she was feeling under the weather), she recognized it right away, seeing she has a couple from another famed tutu designer, Bellasymphony, but a girl can never have too many tutus...
Plus, Kennedy sent her first penpal letter with this sweet gift, so this makes it even more special.

And my gift couldn't have been more perfect... some Heather Ross (who doesn't love her) and some linen fabric, which makes me especially giddy since I just made Brave's birthday dress with some linen and I just love its feel and quality...
I can't wait to make something with these fabrics... I love it!

Dear Kennedy,

Thank you for the gift and letter. I love my new red tutu!!! I already started dancing with it and it twirls very nicely. I am so excited to have you as my penpal and I can't wait until we really know how to write, so our mommy's don't have to write our words for us.

Please tell your mommy that my mommy loves the fabric and she says thanks times a million. Also, tell your mommy that she needs a break cause she works so hard sewing, taking care of you, and going to school... or maybe she just needs to buy the shoes she wants (the hot mama ones). My mommy also said one day we can have tea together... someway, somehow and plus you have to visit California, so that you can see Disneyland!

So, thank you so much and I can't wait to send you my letter.



  1. What amazing treats! :) I love linen! :)

  2. too darn cute!!! i want a tutu too! lol! i'm so happy true likes her skirt. kennedy says thank you for such a cute thank you note!!! yeah it will be nice when they can scribble themselves and we can sit and watch the fun!!!!! did anyone say disneyland? have fun with the linen!

  3. Ooh I just got my Kennedy & friends tutu that I ordered for my Avery's b-day next month...too cute! I love that red one...that was my second choice, but I went with pink & chocolate =)
    *her* letter was v. sweet!

  4. Nathalie is such a sweetheart! I love that True and Kennedy are penpals!! And that Heather Ross fabric is totally adorable! I can't wait to see what you make with it!!!


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