July 25, 2008

almost ready

The party is tomorrow...

- Most groceries have been bought, but Ben has to make one last run to get more beans.

- I am almost done with the little slideshow (thank God for a MAC and iMovie).

- Cookies are done (thanks to Grandmama for coming just in time to ice the cookies) and much thanks to Martha for her lovely sugar cookie and royal icing recipe.

I can only imagine how much more crazy things are at my mom's where the party is going to be at... yikes! My mom is the best!!!

Here is a glimpse of what I want Brave's party to look like...
This lovely party was from 1970's House & Garden and was posted by Black Eiffel. I love the classic and yet whimsical look of all the balloons. Though I am not particularly a fan of balloons, this look is so classy and fun. I have never seen balloons look so wonderful! Let's see if we can re-create this...

B is for Balloons and B is for Blue, so this will be absoulutely perfect with our theme!

Have a happy weekend everyone... I know ours will be very happy!!!


  1. wow.....can i come? how on earth are you getting all this done? what a party, and those cookies! they look absolutely scrumptious :)

  2. I hope it's going wonderfully today! Happy Birthday little Brave!!!
    I wanted to tell you that my nieces really loved your cakies barettes!

  3. today's party day! see you in a few hours. love you

  4. wonderful! did you guys still need parts for the bride and groom or has that all been worked out? let me know if you need anything! i'm coming home in two days!

  5. Thanks for the link love :) Hope you had a happy weekend.


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