May 22, 2008

Something's a bit different...

Can anybody guess?

And exciting news for Cakies...

Neatostuff, a place that finds a nice collection of items from all around the web, has featured the Bolt of Thunder Cakies Crown, which can be found on Cakies retailer Bellasymphony!

Thank you to Neatostuff and Bellasymphony!!!


  1. hummm you wrote on the tags nstead and stamping? or you got a stamp made up with your handwriting. now i get one of those. btw, every time kennedy wears her cakies people comment how cute it is and ask where i got it. i think i need one for me too.

  2. I was going to say, the cakies is written in girly letters rather than plain stamped. Cute!

  3.'s the cakies logo! yay! looks marvelous...simply marvelous!!

  4. i saw a cupcake online that looked just like your cakies...i should try to look for the link again....

  5. I like your new stamp! And congrats on being featured at Bellasymphony! As Nathalie said, I need one for myself!!!

  6. ...i am thing....nice hair-deco!!!
    as a mum from 2 boys...i miss it sooo all these cute, and feminin decoracions....livi


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