May 21, 2008


In pretty colors...

In pretty shapes...

In wonderful blues...

And some pinks too...

Makes my True a happy girl...
Of course, books must always be involved and buttons turned into a learning lesson (remember, I used to be a teacher...). True loved making connections with all the buttons in her hands and all the wonderful buttons in her book.

Books about buttons make True a really happy girl!

*Buttons from The Fairie Cupboard's shop...


  1. I just saw your little crowns for the first time. They are darling!

  2. awwwwww...true is cute as a button! that's for sure! And what a great teaching tool!!!

  3. put your 5 years of edumacation to good use!

  4. I love this idea. Buttons are so bright and colorful. I can't help but look at them. I'm like Burt and his bottlecap collection only with buttons. Really unique ones on a child's dress can make everything look so sweet. I will check out this book!

  5. My Little Bush Princess loves nothing more than to get her little fingers into my button collection and start sorting them into her own special idea of order! - Jen

  6. I didn't know you used to be a teacher, but I can see that in how wonderful you are with your daughters!! I love your button colors!

  7. I agree with the tumtum tree, buttons are eyecatching. These buttons looks like candy.

  8. ohhh...I LOVE these bottons!!!!
    when i was a child i played a lot with it...a poesie of colours...livi


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