April 28, 2008

My first babyCakies 2nd birthday...

She had our family traditional birthday breakfast in bed...

Then she got her little gifts, which were the "true-ly" fun projects that I have been working on, Amy Butler's Little Daisy's Big Nap Pillow...

I bought the pattern to make it for her first birthday, but I didn't think it would be the right time, so I wanted to make it this year. Unfortunately, I could no longer find the pattern, so I had to "wing" it! I think it turned out alright, a few minor mistakes here and there, but it adds to the personality of the pillow. She loved it and likes hiding in the little (well, kinda big!) pocket...

We wanted to take True to the circus for her birthday. So, after a couple weeks of frontloading True about the circus by reading Olivia Saves the Circus (I used to be a teacher), it was finally time to make our way to the circus...

In honor of the circus "strong man," I made a True a little dress perfectly fit for an afternoon under the big top...

It was bit windy out and there were fire ants on the ground, so PapiCakies acted like the strong man instead (well, he is!!!)...

Finally at last... Circus Vargas!

We had a grand ole time watching all the acts, despite the intense heat under the big top...

Then, we came home to a little family celebration awaiting my two year old girl...

This is the fabric banner I made with scraps from the pillow... I loved making it and it will be used for more birthdays to come!

There were many cute and appropriate presents for this special two year old. This one is so cute because it was a collaboration from my sister and her artist friend Andy Ho...
It was a Cakies turned into character illustration, then somehow screened and sewed onto a shirt... so so lovely!

She loved this little tea set from her Grammie and Grumpy and is now learning how to pour tea...
By the end of the evening, she was completely pooped and sleepy, but it was a completely marvelous and blessed day! Our special girl had a special day full of fun, love, and family!!!

Happy 2nd Birthday my little Cakies!!!


  1. How fun for you and the family. I love your nap pillow and especially the triangle flag banner. That is great!! I may have to think about doing that idea. I won't get it done for the next b-days at my house, which are today and tomorrow, but maybe for the May b-day we could do that.

  2. Also LOVE the flag banner! Leslie and I are going to make one like it for our cherry party (coming in late June). Love seeing it done so we have a better idea what we are doing! And your "baby cakies" is SO adorable! Love her strong man dress!!

  3. How do you do everything?? The pillow, the banner, and the dress... all adorable! And those pictures of True in her dress... so precious! It looks like an absolutely wonderful birthday. She has such a great mommy!

  4. ohh my gosh...what a beautiful birthday celebration! you sure did some very thoughtful things. the pillow (perfect!!!!) has to be my favorite. i will have to copy it because my poor girl needs one. i was even thinking about buying her a dog bed....yes a dog bed....but this pillow looks much more fun. kennedy's first birthday was a circus theme as well. pics on my flickr. where did you get this huge rickrack? anyway, i could go on and on about how perfect this all looks. you are sooo creative!!!! amazing!

  5. Adorable!! Love the pillow and the dress. Happy Birthday to your little one.

  6. Happy 2nd Birthday Trueski!!! Great shots! Love them all!!

  7. Thanks everyone for True's birthday wishes! It was so much fun and it was so fun and special making the things for her.

    The banner was so easy to make as it took just an hour! I can't wait to see how yours and leslie's turns out!!!

    The pillow much easier to do without a pattern... i think! I am not good with patterns, but Amy Butler is wonderful! I can't take the credit for the lovely creation... she came up with the idea.

    Nathalie- if you need huge rickrack, I still have left over... I will send them your way if you are in need!

    Thanks everyone for the nice words!

  8. Oh what a lucky girl your True is to have such a fabulous birthday extravanganza{I love that word} Love all the things you made. She also got a cute tea set...I dream of having tea parties too =)

    I cannot believe my little girl is going to be 2 in August...doesn't time go by too fast?

  9. So adorable! The dress is divine, the pillow so much fun, and I also liked the capsicum animal...clever.

  10. what a sweet sweet birthday! the dress is especially delicious on her, how fun! you have a beautiful family.

  11. The dress is pure brilliance. I love it! Your photos of your girl in front of the red wall are just perfect!

  12. TU for letting me know on the poncho - I found a gal on Etsy who's going to make a wool one for my babe which I'm excited about! HEY - WHERE did you find the pattern for the Nap pillow?? I know you ended up not using it but that would be perfect for my girl and I've been searching everywhere online and can't find it. Even emailed Amy B.'s and they said it was discontinued...Hmmmm - I just don't think I could do it w/o a pattern (I'm not a very seasoned seamstress just yet)...TU! I'm so loving going through your past posts!

  13. Hi Rubyellen-
    I just want to tell you I was the one who email you regarding your daughter's birthday. I hope you received my emails from my other account.

    Annie W.


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