April 29, 2008

Makes me happy...

That some princes and princesses somewhere will be crowned king and queen...

Walking to get some yummy yogurt... can you guess which is mine?!!


  1. Your crowns are so cute! It makes me wish my children were that young again! The yogurt looks really, really good too! I love fresh fruit. Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog today... I'm so glad that I found you! I was actually starting to sketch True last evening... she might be the subject of my next drawing!!

  2. The one with just berries and yogurt?


  3. yours the one with the peanut butter looking stuff! YEAAHH!!!

    -rj @ escuela

  4. cute cute! i bet the version with m&m's is yours....the least healthier version :) i'd pick that one too!!!

  5. Wow, it must have been horrible to be separated from your baby for a week! I haven't finished my research yet, but this article helped a ton: http://www.brainchildmag.com/essays/spring2008_weston.asp

    I also plan to read Dr. Sears' book, and there's another one Dr. Bailey recommended, "Healthy Child, Whole Child" by Russell Greenfield. Did you ever have chicken pox as a child? I had it so I was fairly confident I wouldn't be having it again... I hope that's true! My concern with the vaccine is that none of its patients have grown old enough as of yet for us to know how long immunity may last. When Suzi's a little older, I'd love for her to skip chicken pox with a vaccine if it seems safe. I still have scars from chicken pox, and my brother had a horrible, painful case of it; I'd hate for Suzi to go through that!

  6. Oh bethany! I am so excited... i am honored and I can't wait to see it!

    Mine is the one on top... the one with half berries (part of it has to be free radical fighting) and the rest chocolate brownie pieces, butterfinger, and oreo! the almost eaten one is my mother-in-law...

    I love yogurt! I want more tomorrow... maybe i will bug my benny!


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