March 5, 2008

Who said you can't wear Cakies?!!

Because you can!

My sister does...

And so does my friend Helen...

My mom does too (yes, the woman on the left is my mother, not my sister!)...

Cakies now comes in MAMAsize Cakies!!! Grabs yours today. Visit my etsy!
Now, we have Eeny, Miney, & Moe. Okay, not really, but we have MamaCakies, regular Cakies, and Teeny Cakies!!!

And also check out online baby boutique Nanny Deprived. They have a bunch of goodies and are also the newest Cakies carriers!!!


  1. what lovely photos. wow you mama is one beautiful woman. you have great genes. see i only see beauty in terms of is the cell biologist in me...LOL!!!! no, seriously...what a beautiful family. thanks for sharing.

  2. These are beautiful. The photos make them even more enticing!!

  3. those are soo pretty, and you are just such a beautiful bunch!!


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