March 4, 2008

Something for me...

It is nice, pink and lovely...

And also reversible...

It has been awhile, but I have been wanting to make a bag for myself since I taught RJ how to sew and make a bag.

Now the task at hand... Owen's bag that she requested back in November. Don't worry O, I am going to work on it soon!!!

I sew love to sew!

Also, check out the Smarter Babies Blog and their little blurb on Cakies... cool!!!


  1. WOW! what a big fat blessing! was that random? yay for cakies! !

  2. oooh yeah, and during my classes today, my friends and i visited your etsy cause i wore cakies again today! they think they're lovely! i think more customers are coming your way!

  3. Very nice bag. I love Joel Dewberry fabrics.

  4. I love the bag too! I tell you, you are very crafty & talented! Congrats on the press! :)

  5. Adorable!! If I had your talent for sewing, I think I'd own 50 bags myself!!!

  6. i love the bag!!!! great color and brown are my faves!!! i really like this aviary print. it is so hard to find time to actually make things for me too. great job!

  7. aww it's cuteee!!!! i want to sew! i want to be like you and sew and play with true and bravery!

  8. Finally, smarter put you on there! I have been waiting for awhile

  9. Way to go Ruby! I hope this brings you many. many orders!


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