December 2, 2011


guest post on made
Visit MADE and I will teach you how to make Chocolate Crispies. So simple. So easy. And so good!

Leave a comment on my HOUZZ ideabook and you get a chance to win $250 gift certificate toany online retailer of your choice if my ideabook wins with the most votes (anthropologie is an online retailer, is it not?!)! Each comment gets one vote. Out of 30 ideabooks, our chances aren't so bad. Contest ends Dec. 2nd. See here for more details.


  1. Yum! Definitely making this soon. xo, rv

  2. and sooooo gone in my belly! :) thanks for sending those home with me. but my pants do not thank you! haha! :)

    i think i'm gonna make some cuz i want more! :) they are dangerously good!


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