October 16, 2010

:: sponsor welcome ::

Please welcome my newest sponsor... Ms. Tips.
Ms. Tips is a shop with such a wonderfully curated collection of vintage clothes for women and children. I am checking constantly to see what new things may pop in and have gotten a few goodies for myself from here as well (see this). I like this, this, and this (and whole bunch of other things). Also, her tags and packaging is so cute that I would just order something so you could see how wonderfully branded this shop is. I mean, you get letter pressed tags attached to the clothes and that is just classy! Go check out this lovely shop and tell me about something that catches your eye! Thanks Ms. Tips!!!

ms. tips shop...


  1. I love this Plum Floral Sheer Dress! It is wonderful! http://www.etsy.com/listing/54150549/30s-style-plum-floral-sheer-dress-sz-s-m

  2. allison- oh! i like that too! i never noticed that one before... the price is so good too.

  3. I like the Lanz sweet orange dress!
    I like everything!

  4. love the vintage look. i can't pull all of it off - but that crochet dress is so lovely. :)

  5. I loved the 50s Carlye Crochet Doily Wiggle Dress, though I'm afraid I'll never again be an XXS. I also loved the colors in the 50s Turquoise Folk Print Dress! Really, really cute and summery.

  6. how funny and coincidental!
    i was on ms tips' site last night... perusing to find something for your bday! :)

  7. jane- haha... you are hilarious! the yellow dress i was wearing the time we had sushi was from here too!

    ivy- yeah... there is no way i would ever be an xxs either! i dont think i ever was except when i was 10!

  8. I LOVE VINTAGE YES YES YES thanks for linking me to this page...i may be buying!!


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