October 17, 2010

Please welcome my newest sponsor... the rusted chain.
Most girls love accessorizing and I would definitely be one of them! At Rusted Chain you could find a lot of beautiful simple pieces from hand stamped necklaces to bracelets, and even beautiful earrings. This particular necklace even made me laugh! Stop by and peruse through their shop and if something makes its way into your shopping cart, well, just tell your husband it was my fault that your bank account is just a wee bit lower! I will take complete responsibility.

the rusted chain shop...


  1. No way! I've been a rusted chain fan forever! Seriously, I tell beki we'd be friends if I really knew her. She's beyond awesome....her jewelry is precious!

  2. Funny, I was just going to post that Sara (above poster) is in love with this site! :)

    Being a bird lover, my favorite is the Mama Bird Soar necklace. I love (almost) anything bird (especially owl) related.

  3. aw beautiful!! welcome to the rusted chain. :)

  4. wow, her work is absolutely stunning! the detail is amazing!!

  5. these are really cute ones! I didn't find if they ship internationally..

  6. I think she does ship internationally. She posted on hervblog that she gets a lot of orders from australia ;)


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