August 19, 2010

out in l.a.

Yesterday, we made the trek into the city and spent the afternoon roaming the streets of Los Angeles. Well, kinda roaming as the girls were part of the photo shoot for Misha Lulu's new line for Fall, which I must say is just as divine as usual!
chillin' in the stroller all daychillin' in the stroller all daylos angelesmisha lulu photo shoot in l.a. birdsout in the streets of l.a.
Soulie was such a trooper as she was pretty much chillaxin' in her stroller all afternoon and barely made a peep as she completely loved getting doted on by all the big girls (and I loved getting in some adult interaction). As for her big sisters, True and Brave, they loved hanging out with the big girls and I am always so glad for the fun they have on adventures like this. Thanks Karen!!!

Don't forget to check out Misha Lulu's Surplus store, they are always a lot of pretty things for such great prices!


  1. That picture of Soul is ADORABLE! What a fun day!

  2. Bravey is getting so big! And classic picture of Soul - tongue sticking out, as usual! :)

  3. thank you to the Yummiest models and model's best friend Miss SOUL!
    Misha Lulu is very blessed!

  4. These are such fantastic photos. They are absolutely adorable and what a wonderful store :). Love the second picture!

  5. What a wonderful day!!!
    We have so much fun... really nice pictures, Soul looks adorable as always :)

  6. Soul is stunning with her pale skin and dark hair. She is like a little snow white. Gorgeous

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  8. how fun!! i remember i was part of a fashion show once as a young kid and i felt soo cool. i loved getting dressed up all fancy!


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