June 15, 2010

polaroid tuesday: week twenty-three

week twenty-three
Can you see the little hummingbird?

Ah! Things are good. I am knee deep in lots of things I have to do and I feel like I can never catch up. That is why I have been a bit absent lately (okay, just yesterday). The girls are being more difficult these days and I think True is going through the terrible 2's a bit late in life (can it manifest at 4?). Now, off to dive back into all the things that need to be done!


  1. Lovely picture!

    Bad news about those terrible 'twos' - hopefully you won't get double the hard work too!

    Blue Skies
    Charlotte xx

  2. Both of my kids (30 & almost 27) had their terrible twos stage at 4.

  3. four was the roughest for us. we finally made it to five, much better.

  4. oh my dear...it's funny, as both my boys never had terrible two's so much. I definately found four to be the toughest (oh my...especially around 4 1/2).....oh yes, and then there is five :)

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  6. awwww what a cute little hummingbird, really love the photo! hope things get easier with you and the girls!

  7. ah! terrible 4s... so there is such a thing! nice to know that i am not alone!


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