May 14, 2010

real quick

I wanted a quick chunky necklace, so this is what I did. Grabbed some wooden beads, hemp string, needle, knit jersey, and scissors. Then, 30 minutes later I had a necklace. Quick and easy, and the perfect type of project to do while the girls nap and add a bit of jazz to an otherwise boring outfit.
beadsbeaded necklaceballs
I am in the necklace making mood. I got into it last year too. Maybe it's a spring thing!

Happy weekend friends! Ben works half day today (yippee!), so we will be gardening this afternoon and celebrating my Mommy's Day tomorrow (hooray!), and Lord's day on Sunday (woot woot!). Plus, I have a goody sponsor giveaway tomorrow. I love the weekends! Don't you?


  1. oh, i just love this necklace! awesome job! love your blog by the way. you are such a cool mom.

  2. Wow! It look so great! Who would say something that simple will look that adorable :)

  3. that is one amazing necklace....who needs anthropologie....ok,maybe sometimes we still do,but your necklace is so should be in a magazine! I just did some gardening just a few minutes ago...some of the plants i ordered died b/c I didn't get around to planting them. :( So,hopefully I do get something this summer. :)

  4. are those yellow flowers real?? i've been looking for some fake ones just like that for the cutest little vase i you know where i could find them?BTW, very cute necklace!!

  5. Just wanted to say HI!
    I stumbled upon your blog from a click here, and a click there and wound up here.

    Love your cute blog and added to my reader.

    xoxo, lehua

  6. awwww LOVE that necklace! i totally want to get into jewelry making one of these days! seems like soo much fun! have a great weekend!

  7. this is awesome!

    gotta say, though, that two-strand business looks out of my crafting league. :)

  8. Super adorable!! I love when you can throw cute little things together quickly. This turned out great!

  9. This is great. What a beautiful necklace. I just found a new bead store today. I wonder if they have something like these.

  10. You have boundless creativity!! I love this necklace!!


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