January 13, 2010

just so cool

The day before yesterday, I saw Rachel's flickr and I was definitely smitten on the idea of Ttv. I have never heard of it, but being how I am now a toy and vintage camera junkie, I knew I had to try this out, especially since my sister and her boyfriend (the photographer) gave me a vintage Brownie Hawkeye for Christmas. Immediately, I read up on it from Hula Seventy and gave my own go at it. Let's say my contraption looks horrendous, but this is just the beginning. I am so excited about this. Thanks Rachel for sharing it...
playing with ttv playing with ttvplaying with ttv
I think my first results are just alright, but I hope to get better! I want to go to the beach to get a picture that looks this. I am definitely in love with Ttv.


  1. I just saw that yesterday myself... looks really cool. I haven't even used my toy camera yet, except for my digital harinezumi 2.My girls & I think it's so cool. Anyways, my fave pic is of course of Soul... it almost looks as if she is just floating peacefully in the sky while asleep. Can't wait to see your other pics now. :)

  2. Wow! beautiful pictures! This year, one of my reolutions is to learn about analogue photography (my mister is going to show me.)

    But until then (And this is a total cop out) i just downloaded the Hipstamatic app for my iphone, which takes some similarly vintage looking photos, with the square edge too. Im really pleased with how they turned out so far!

    I love your blog btw!

  3. I'm pretty smitten with TTV, also!! I saw this on Kelly Rae Roberts' blog.


    She has a picture of what her little TTV contraption looks like. Best of luck with your future efforts! Can't wait to see them! =)

  4. I've tried this but with masks in photoshop. There are a bunch of them on flickr.

  5. love this idea- i need to get me one of those cameras! cant wait to see more

  6. man, i did this a few weeks ago and had no idea it was actually a THING. i thought it was my own invention. lol
    but thanks so much for the link!

  7. also- to those who want to get a waist-level camera specifically for this, some, like the brownie is selling for like $30 online!! (as far as ive seen) its very very worth it!

  8. Lovely! I really want to try this too.

  9. I was also inspired by rachel's post about TtV. Wow, so fun. Your pictures are super cool, I can't wait to see more. I just posted mine tonight!!


  10. So cool! What fun you will have with your new toy!


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