October 26, 2009

three loves this weekend

pretty trees

1. I got to be with Ben all day long.
2. We had a nice family afternoon at Sea World.
3. I finished sewing Halloween costumes (yay!).

What were you loving this weekend? Now, I am ready for my long list of to-dos for the week...


  1. i cant wait to see what you guys are for halloween this year!!its always so neat!!!

  2. Yes, I'm excited to see your costumes too. I love Sunday afternoon naps after church. Guilt free because it's Sunday!

  3. Loved pumpkin patch time under gray skies, preceeded by napping time under down comforters, preceeded by good book time, preceeded by exciting discussions and readings...

    I really would like to see your Halloween costumes now.

  4. You know what's really exciting? I spelled 'preceded' wrong like three times in a row!

    Perhaps I could use the excuse that I haven't had my coffee yet.

    Perhaps I should be honest and say that...I don't even drink coffee.

  5. I was lovin U2!!!!!!! and rockin' out with thousands of people! Black Eyed Peas were singing boom boom pow and I kept thinking about trueski!

  6. i was loving packing...

    but would have much rather be at sea world! =)

  7. 1. Always.
    2. Fun!..makes me remember I need to go back to the Georgia aquarium soon
    3. jealous. Halloween snuck up too fast...throwing together dress-up clothes, wings & flowers- along with a Jago Fett.

  8. kellie- don't worry! i just figured out ours on thursday and scrambled all weekend to finish it. i hate procrastinating, but i was so stuck!!!

  9. I'm also looking forward to seeing the costumes. Always wow-ed that you find the time, what a fun childhood for your girls! Super-mom!

  10. Sounded like a sweet weekend, can't wait to see your Halloween costumes!

  11. did you get passes for sea world?
    we have them, too!


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